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In the ancient age of myth and legend a horrid war between Man and Elves led to the near annihilation of all sapient life by the dreaded Curse. Now the lonesome goddess Gaia awakens her last champion in hopes of resurrecting the world. Play as her chosen one, and choose which races survives by re-population, while discovering the truth behind the Curse. Rebuild society with all the actions of the player becoming the founding of the cultures, myths and legends of today. The game incorporates ancient Greek, Norse, Japanese, Hindi, Celtic, ancient Egyptian, African, and Mesopotamian mythology.

Game Updated: 2021-07-18
Developer: Faldir
Censored: Partial
Category: Android Adult
Version: 3.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Adam and Gaia Adult Game Tags

2DCG, Real Porn, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Animated, Management, Pregnancy, Harem, Incest, Monster girl, RPG, Adventure, Furry, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Anal sex, Combat, Turn based combat

Adam and Gaia Changelog [v3.1] :


guest1492 's bugfixed 3.1 version uploaded to front page. Very recommended!

Additonal Content:

The Venus Replacement file
After popular demand - a file to chance the appearance of Venus' girls. From chubby to double-lovey! The girls are now twins!


Modding Tool File
The .tws file called ModdingTool is merely the basic file on which I work on the game in Twine 1.4.2. So if you get Twine 1.4.2 and sugarcube, and download this .tws file, then you should be able to mod the game to you heart's content or at least look for bugs efficiently... When I started this project I didn't know anything about coding (which honestly hasn't changed much), but to work in Twine, especially with most of the code already set up, should be very doable - so don't be discouraged if you want to try adding something!

Epaddder's Ren'Py Version
A separate game made in the Ren'Py engine using different art and grand custom content and characters. Creator Epadder. Found at:

Remember to get the FIX!

Note from Beornwahl.
As a little endnote, I wanna give my very passionate, yet not at all too #homo, thanks to the people helping me with the game - both in regards to coding, pictures and characters, but also those who simply take the time to report a bug and write their experience with the game. Mentally I'm hugging you all <3

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Adam and Gaia Download .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:adam and gaia download

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