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Set in a Dystopian Sci-Fi future, CyberSin : Red Ice follows the story of Elsa Morganth, daughter of the chairman of one of the largest megacorporations in control of the world. After a mysterious accident, Elsa finds herself indicted for a crime she didn’t commit. Thrown under the slimy belly of society, with scarce resources, she will have to find a way out of it, while at the same time trying to find the real culprit so as to regain her old life.​

Game Updated: 2022-07-02
Developer: FunkPunkGames Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult APK Games
Version: 0.07a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

CyberSin Red Ice Adult Game Tags

Sandbox, Management, Multiple Endings, 3DCG, Sci-fi, Big Ass, Big Tits, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Female Protagonist, Stripping, Handjob, Internal view, Groping, Exhibitionism, Teasing, Masturbation, Interracial, Lesbian, NTR, Cheating, Humiliation, Corruption, Romance

CyberSin Red Ice Changelog [v0.07a] :


* Bugfixes - Changes*
- Revisioned Prologue and fixed lots of typos.
- Reviewed locations and fixed some of the choice options.
- Fixed some of the past choices with more explicative text.
- Fixed the 'Faith's shower' scene, which now correctly reduces LUST.
- Reviewed Journal and added another lead on where to get the breathing mask.
- Fixed a bug that didn't show the turrets (if purchased) inside the surgery room during the work scenes.
- Fixed a dialogue option in the Izy dialogue tree.
- Fixed a bug in Isaiah's store dialogue which was missing a jump to menu.
- Fixed a bug that looped a banter with Faith.
- Fixed a bug that didn't pin a specific variable after the first banter between Faith and Izy. (also fixed with patch05).
- Added a new day variable to Granny event (also retroactively with patch05).
- Lowered the general brightness of text and GUI.
- Reworked Ambrosia's first event so that you can meet Candice in different ways.
- Simplified GUI chatbox, which should help images be more visible.
- Faith's scene in the shower will now start as a random event that will occur in the afternoon (only if Red is not yet interested in Faith).
- Fixed a bug during the confrontation with Izy after cheating that didn't allow to have a 'friend with benefits' relationship.
- After the first encounter with Liz, Red will automatically talk to Candice afterward.
- Fixed a bug during Izy's dialogue on romance.
- Fixed a bug in Izy's CODEX page that didn't display the correct Romance status.
- Changed some small story details during the first street gang confrontation.
- Added a small time counter at the top right corner of the screen.
- Fixed a misplacing problem with Heinz sprites.

* New Content *
- STATS Icons were added to the entire game.
- Text colors will now change accordingly if reacting to a STATS value.
- Street Tony will give you more info in case you threatened Sinclair.
- If you've helped Street Tony with his breathing problem (in the clinic) he will warn you of a possible imminent danger.
- New clinic work event (related to the main story) with introducing a new character.
- Five banters for different characters. Some are accessible via the "Security Cameras" in the Dorm, others via the game itself.
- Added a new event between Isaiah and Liz outside the Ambrosia (it will trigger under specific circumstances).
- Banter between Izy and Faith (security cams).
- Banter between Red and Ice (live-event).
- Two banters to reveal two new (significant) characters.
- New optional outside event that will occur if you choose to sell the drug to Granny Anne (will happen after three days from the said event).
- New erotic scene with Isaiah for the 25% discount, also repeatable.
- Added some dialogues with Candice (asking about the Ambrosia and different conversations after meeting the street gangs).
- New main story event, introducing the two street gangs, Nuestra Gloria and Swamp Trolls Gang, will take place some days after meeting Granny Anne.
- Introduction of four new characters.
- Two new theme songs for Nuestra Gloria and Swamp Trolls Gang on the Soundtrack.
- Added an optional romance banter. It will trigger if Red is romancing Izy.
- Added dialogues with Faith to start a romantic interest towards her (with various options to choose from, if you're her Mistress or not and some if you have low Karma).
- New scene with Heinz for gun training skills (there will be multiple ways to increase your gun skill, this will be one of them). This is the first scene that will optionally lead to more lewd situations in the future.
- New scene with Spike where Red shares drinks with him (to obtain info about the energy network of the Avernus). This is the first scene that will optionally lead to more lewd situations in the future.
- Added new dialogues to both Heinz and Spike, which will happen after you've asked them info about themselves.
- Added the "Paradise Lost" questline to the Journal (also via patch06).
- Updated JOURNAL with numerous new directions and tips.
- Updated CODEX.
- Updated Gallery.

Developer Notes:

Greetings Foks! This is my very first game and I had to learn everything about Ren'py, 3DCG, and music composing from scratch. I hope you'll enjoy it. Thank you very much for your time.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “CyberSin Red Ice Download .exe” to start playing.

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