FemLife APK Download[v0.96] Overview:

Femlife APK Download is a simulation of the life of a young woman, Violetta. You are just coming to the city, renting an apartment, looking for a job, taking care of your body. Violetta can be a good girl, and that’s alright, but the real fun begins when you don’t have any restraints, right?

Prostitution, drugs, vodka, sex with strangers, career of a porn actress, domination – all this and more can be experienced by Violetta.

On her way, she meets various people with whom she can establish relationships, and even use their trust in a perfidious way. Do you want to turn your newly met friend into a real slut? Here is your chance.

The game (femlife apk download) world is open, you decide everything, every day you can experience new adventures – I invite you to a great adventure seen through the eyes of a young Violetta.​

Game Updated: 2023-09-12
Developer: Mr_saturn Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult Android Games APK
Version: 0.96
OS: Windows
Language: English

FemLife Magical Girdle Adult Game Tags

3DCG, Female protagonist, Interracial, Vaginal sex, Sandbox, Prostitution, Alcohol, Drugs, Cheating, Ntr, Big tits, Big ass, Oral sex, Group sex, blackmail, anal sex,handjob, lesbian, spanking, rape, masturbation, bukkake, corruption, foot job, pregnacy, humilation, sex toys

FemLife Changelog [v0.96] :


- Added the "Easy Job" quest. To start the quest, you need to call Albert after Violetta has been in the role of a victim in the Meat Hole club.

Depending on the choice of your actions, scenes are available during this quest:

- Sex with a new character named Igor Petrovich (Anal or vaginal, rough or normal sex).
- Sex with a thug.
- Lesbian sex with Paulina.
- Other scenes and consequences of your choices.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “FemLife APK Download .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:femlife apk download

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FemLife Cheat[v0.96]:

I made a modified QSP Cheat Version of the current [v0.5.1] Version.

Installation: Extract the .zip file and replace the modified FemLife.qsp file with the original FemLife.qsp file in the game folder.FemLife Cheat

Changelog v0.8.1:

- Added a weapon shop. It is located in the city center. Now you can buy there: a traumatic pistol, a gas canister.
- Added a scene of sex with homeless people. To start, you need to engage in prostitution through a laptop.
- Added a scene with Polina (sex on the beach). To start, you need to call Pauline after going to the club.
I do not take credit for the idea or the making of the game. I am not part of the development of this project, neither am I in contact with the developer Mr_saturn.