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Heavy Hearts APK Download [v0.4 Hotfix 1] Overview:

Humans are near extinct. Only a few remain, living in isolation. Those that are found are used for slave labor, pleasure, or worse. Orcs, Lycans, Drakes, and other various creatures would love to get their hands on one. Luccia will find out what happened, stop the extinction, and repopulate the human race (some mixing may occur!)

Game Updated: 2023-02-03
Developer: Dammitbird Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult Games APK
Version: 0.4 Hotfix 01
OS: Windows
Language: English

Heavy Hearts Adult Game Tags

2dcg, 2d game, animated, big breasts, combat, female protagonist, monsters, rpg, active-time-battle combat

Heavy Hearts Changelog [0.4 Hotfix 01] :

0.4 Hotfix 01

1. Level 8 & Chapter 1's conclusion. Going beyond the Colonian Approach platforming level, Dog will now navigate the inner city and battlements of the former Human capital. Inside, the player will find out more on what life was like before the Glithe encounter. I am realy happy with this level, because it requires exploration in order to advance. You will need to read, find clues, and find out what happened in order to progress. The final conflict of Chapter 1 is also completed- meaning there will be one last battle before the end.

2. A new fully rendered scene when exiting the cave!

3. A badass title screen that I think more perfectly fits the game's narriative.

4. New combat modes. One is called Counterstance, so you can now counter those pesky unblockable heavy attacks. The other is a new, spoilerrific mode that is only available during certain situations.

5. Some rewrites. There are some major story changes that accomodate the game in the long haul - things that were inconsistent or did not fit the narriative has been changed. You will see more of these changes in Level 5.

6. Rural Merchant Kyr. A young goblin will now buy/sell items from you, unlockable after Level 3. Items will play a larger role in future builds.

7. New Bust for Dog! I did not like the previous bust for our canine companion, so Cheka put together a much better design!

8. Doggo combat companion! You can now take Dog into combat with you. He helps with physical attacks, and, if Luccia is Staggered, he will tank damage for her!

9. There will be new lewd scenes, but there will not be a traditional Major Lewd Event in this update. This is mostly story/tech! Please do not expect another scene similar to the Orc breeding in this build. I will say this: werewolves are coming next!

10. Added one new major animation

Other Updates:

-Player now regains poise slighly faster when blocking.
-Additional animation when Luccia staggers, or is in a scene.
-Additional SFX to some animations
-Updated Hundswolds sprite (Yes, I know you cant really make him out in the turorial, but it needed an upped framecount)
-Fixed a situation where resolution was weird during a battle.
-Increased rate at which cave monsters attack. It was too slow before.
-Removed a bug where the Egg/Glithe had an HP bar.
-Fixed a bug where tan orcs did not go off screen and dissapear during on of the scenes.
-temporarily disabled Counterstance.
-Removed mouse navigation functionality after feedback from community.
-Fixed some ugly tiling
-Adjusted some dialogue during the camp scene.
-Fixed a bug where the fire particles were off center from the bonfire image.

Developer Notes:

I want to create adult games that stand on their own, even without the porn. An interesting story, comparable gameplay to well known RPGs, and quality art. That is my commitment.

- Normal attacks build the ATB gauge (called NRG). Each filled gauge adds a Combat Orb to your Hud, which can be used for abilities. With each orb, you can charge Magic a level, and blast enemies away.

-STAGGER! Run out of HP and you die, but run out of Poise and you will be put into a staggered, vulnerable state.

-The gameplay is optimized for Keyboard use. Mash Z=Attack, Hold X=Magic, C=Block.

-Combat and exploration can be played with a mouse. Mouse support while in Exploration mode has very limited pathfinding.

-Time your blocks correctly and you can counterattack

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Heavy Hearts APK .exe” to start playing.

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OLD SAVES ARE INCOMPATIBLE. New save location in game folder under resources/save. Delete save files located in users/appdata MSVCR Errors: See included “Common Missing DLL’s” Folder, included in .zip.