Hunt and Snare APK Download [r28d] [Rufflenecks] Overview:

You lost your duties as a butler due to the incident at The Dragon’s Castle, but now that you own a ship and can explore the Sky Realm unhinged, you have decided to become a hunter. You’ve heard that various islands of the Sky Realm have mysterious species that are highly priced as companions, professionals, and show pieces.”
Description one liner:A third person view game where you explore, sneak, hunt, and sexplore with your sky ship crew.​

Game Updated: 2022-05-02
Developer: Rufflenecks Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Android Adult Games
Version: r28d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Hunt and Snare Adult Game Tags

Furry, Oral sex, Anal, F/M, M/M, F/F, Futa F/M, Futa F/F, 3d game, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Character creation, Futa/trans protagonist, RPG, Simulator, Lesbian, Slave

Hunt and Snare Changelog [r28d] :


• NEW - Kizan full decoration pass - Map is now populated with locations to explore and find loot in + one special chest.
• NEW - Kizan Dewseed Tribe - The kizan tribe’s small village can now be found in the jungle. There’s a new FxTF full act with one of the tribe members, and one of the tribe members is a trader with a small and quickly rotating stock of kizan clothes.
• NEW - Kizan clothes set and loot - Added 4 kizan upper clothes, and 4 kizan lower clothes, and dozens of kizan (island or species) specific random loot you can find from chests around Kizan.
• NEW - Skiia additional decorations pass - More things to see, more things to find on Skiia, and more decorations in Kirhaal, and also more chests to find.
• NEW - Camping system - A simple camping system that allows you to sleep at various locations around the two islands as long as you have rations with you (certain traders have their stocks updated to include the item).
• NEW - Additional Acts - This is a new option in the options menu, enabled by default, which adds new written acts for NPCs with reused animations. In this build K’nali has a M/FxM Additional Act, with unique writing but reusing Timathi’s unique act, Spirit also has an FxM Additional Act (r28b), and Inalya has an FxM Additional Act (r28b). In future it will be expanded to basically cover NPCs that normally would not get an act or to add additional acts to some NPCs who already have an unique act (e.g. characters like Spirit who has been a favorite of people).
• NEW - MODDING - Custom Character Materials - It’s now possible to make custom character materials, with full support for smoothness/metalness/emission and such (this is how full character materials are done). It is also possible to make “detail” layers on existing materials (this is how Spirit and Horveek are done for example). Note: This currently cannot be used in character creator, but rather on existing or new NPCs/playable characters.
• NEW - MODDING - Custom Traders - It’s now possible to make a trader definition with mods for an NPC and add custom stock they’re selling.
• NEW - MODDING - Custom Spawners - It’s now possible to make custom spawners and add them into the world.
• NEW - MODDING - Custom Items - It’s now possible to create new custom items with custom art (inventory items), and also to define new custom colors for existing clothes (e.g. to create pink captain’s jacket).
• (r28b) Improved some reward options for Inalya based on other skills of player.
• (r28b) Improved bug reporting tool to also submit error log at the same time.
• Improved information conveyed to player about certain clothing types blocking other types of clothing (namely kizan clothes blocking full upper body clothes, but still allowing upper chest clothes like bras)
• Improved wording on exit to give more detail to player on autosaving.
• Improved wording on Kess’ Howler rumor to guide player towards the right thing instead of the doggos to hunt.
• Improved wording on Bosun to suggest player about shore “teleporters”.
• Improved Kizan grass by batching them into groups like on Skiia.
• Improved resolution of grass textures to make them sharper.
• Improved effect of Yule mask.
• (r28b) Fixed problem with inverted nipples (primarily on engineer upper cloth) after loading game with clothes on and removing them.
• (r28b) Fixed some Kess’ reactions to player’s breasts triggering wrong.
• Fixed prey items disappearing after reloading the game.
• Fixed Wikk’s pad description talking about Taev’s pad.
• Fixed Skiir’s Wrath effect’s performance.
• Fixed some softbody areas influencing other areas (e.g. breast softbody areas influencing stomach softbody that was disabled)
• Fixed head clothing not working properly for followers in acts.
• Fixed builtin character saves not appearing properly.
• Fixed some furs allowed with sailor pants.
• Fixed jingle object sound batching and sensitivity.
• Fixed floating collar on Skiia.
• Fixed LOD culling issues with Lone Rise ramp fences, bridges, and rocks.
• Fixed portals not working coherently when exiting and re-entering game.
• Fixed act locators on Kizan not appearing reliably.
• Fixed various clothing clipping problems with softbody.
• Modding - <<moveTo>> can be used on a location without conversation or interaction definition
• Modding - Fixed issue when swapping modded characters in character creator.
• Modding - Fixed mismatching materials for custom bits in acts.
• Modding - Fixed follower and crew items cached wrong.


Rotate camera with by holding left mouse button
Scroll wheel to zoom in/out
F1-F4 changes quality levels (same as launcher quality settings)
ESC returns to main menu
1,2,0 keys switch between POVs and Default camera
You can customize colors by copy pasting HEX code to the [HASHTAG]#000000[/HASHTAG] slot below color buttons
Island controls:

WASD to move
Hold SHIFT to run
Press CTRL to toggle sneaking on/off
Hold E to interact with characters (follow/unfollow, capture) and locations
Press SPACE to "finish" animations
ESC returns to main menu
Hold M to display map
Press SPACE to climb ladders
In Act: hold RIGHT mouse button to rotate camera
In Act: Scroll wheel zooms in/out

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Hunt and Snare Download .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:hunt and snare apk download

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