IN HEAT Lustful Nights Download [v0.7.5 Experimental] Overview:

Ready for your new job ? You’ve been hired at the Diamond Straits Resort and Spa as protection officer. Unfortunately, the company has been going through a rough patch with various guests, millionaires, and celebrities vanishing from the resort. Your goal is to provide security to both yourself and our clients.

What to expect on your night shift: Due to advancements in DNA splicing, we have been able to produce animal-human hybrids. Unfortunately, they have a habit of exhibiting strange behavior at night. Their typical actions involve damage both to the property and our associates, so security is essential. During your shift you will be operating the doors on either side of you to prevent these creatures from getting access to your office. You will be provided with a company in  approved squeaky toy on your desk to assist in decreasing your stress levels. Breaking down on the job is game over.

During your time here, you may be stationed at one of our four properties. For example you may be asked to control access to our Casino, Bar, Warehouse, or Administration office. Each of these locations have different mechanics that you will need to quickly adapt to. Acclimation is the key to success! Don’t worry about the vents.

Game Updated: 2023-01-21
Developer: MonsterBox SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Category: Adult APK Games
Version: 0.7.5 Experimental
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

IN HEAT Lustful Nights Adult Game Tags

3d game, animated, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, horror, vaginal sex, monster girl

IN HEAT Lustful Nights Download Changelog [v0.7.5 Experimental] :

v0.7.5 Experimental:

* Implement a temporary prologue sequence.
* Implement draft 2 of the tutorial sequence.
* Moves nightclub to its own night tracker (not reflect on UI yet)
* Changes main menu layout to allow proper selection of which map
* Implements the 'staring at Nile' mechanic in its first iteration.

Funny Known Issues
*Misty is able to dunk on you still in the tutorial, She is too strong for cages and thus will obliterate you. Diamond Straits will get a new cage in the next build*

Known Issues
*Problems with HD resolutions with the unlock board
*Minigames sometimes trigger on the nightclub and Admin incorrectly
*Unlock Criteria for lights video is bugged
*Staring at nile while she is at her starting position will not effect her movement* (potential feature)
*Borderless Fullscreen can break some widgets*
*You can cause yourself tinnitus by clicking on Ari rapidly*
*Kass's end screen will loop*
*Camera will still play sounds if not moving if your mouse pointer is in a specific position*
*Porn blocker is broken*

Developer Notes:

Additional Responsibilities:

We have installed an array of security cameras that you may use for keeping track of the creatures roaming around the facility.

Occasionally you may be required to fix various machines in the facility, just think of it as a minigame. Luckily for you, you can do this from the comfort of your camera station. You might even spot secrets through your monitor, like one of those point and click games!

The results of failure:
If you happen to allow one of the experiments into your room, or if you don’t maintain the machines in the facility,
you'll need to be ready for the worst.
Negligence in your work can result in a monstrous attack, which certainly will be game over for you.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “IN HEAT Lustful Nights Download .exe” to start playing.

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