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JPDE is a fan-made visual novel created by Meinos Kaen. It is based in the world of RWBY, a popular web series created by Rooster Teeth. You are David di Kabegis, a strange newcomer to the world of Remnant who arrives through meteoric crash landing. Upon first awakening, with a dreadful case of amnesia, he encounters Penny Polendina, and from there, his adventure kicks off as he attends the notable Beacon Academy to train as a Huntsman with combat skills he is unaware of ever obtaining. The team is rounded out by their leader, Jacqueline B. Ivory, and Evelyn “Carrots” Damerot.​

Game Updated: 2022-06-06
Developer: Meinos Kaen Patreon 
Censored: By Default (Use patches for lewd content)
Category: Adult Games APK
Version: 4.15.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian

JPDE - Sonata of Fire Adult Game Tags

2DCG, Male protagonist, Mobile game, Groping, Loli, Teasing, Transformation, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Humor, Monster, Parody, Romance, School setting, Superpowers, Multiple artists, Anime

JPDE – Sonata of Fire Changelog [v4.15.1] :


Damn, guys. Today has been raining cats and dogs, but the weather says that tomorrow it's going to be puuurfect. Other than that though, I had my family come visit from Italy and it was a nice long weekend so I'm feeeling quite feline! ;D


Because, if the previous release was about Chocolate, this one is all about cats! Well, cat ladies, to be fair! Because, what you get this month is...!

Neon Katt (1st Date Rewrite/Upgrade) - Once again, Rasnec helped write this and he's coming into his own! Thanks to his ideas, I'm happy to say that Neon's first date has been rewritten and from now on Neon Katt's Route is Complementary, as mentioned Discord. That means that, just like Pyrrha's and Neo's routes, they will count as valid if you bring it to a certain number of dates and will affect the ending no matter who you bring to the dance!

Blake Belladonna (Sprite Update) - And speaking of dancing, may I remind everyone that Blake Belladonna won the latest Battle Royale on Patreon. Which means that this summer you're getting her dance event and custom event. Also, we upgraded her base sprite... And a sneak peek of her dance dress. 
...wait a minute, that third one is NOT in the game files this month! Where did it come from? Also, how many ribbons does she have?! O_O

Kali Belladonna (1st Date) - It's finally here! The 1st Date for Fan Favourite MILF Kali Belladonna! Her Date is the first of its kind as I wanted to try and code/write a new kind of event... Pay attention to this one ;)

And finally, the biggest update for this month might be that JPDE and CBLT (another RWBY fan-game with which we had, ahem, history) are now on good terms again and are thus collaborating! Check out CBLT's latest release here!

That's it for this month! Please remember to also follow us on our newly upgraded Twitter as we come closer and closer to JPDE2's first public release!

- Meinos Kaen

Developer Notes:

Disclaimer - This is not endorsed by Rooster Teeth in any way. Views, opinions, thoughts are all my own. Rooster Teeth and RWBY are trade names or registered trademarks of Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC. © Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC.

JPDE is a Visual Novel I'm coding, writing, scripting, and editing, based on the RWBY animated series. It's a completely original story set during the timeline of V2 and V3 developed in Ren'Py and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android Phones. Depending on how many and which bonds you will have made during your semester at Beacon Academy, you may influence the ending of the storyline and even canon events from the show. I invite you to support the original release by Rooster Teeth.

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