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Take over as the teacher of twenty high school students as they attempt to find their way through life. Manage and develop relationships with each of them in the fictional city of Kumon-mi. Choose how to spend your time after school and on weekends to best suit the path you want to take. Whether it be visiting the girls at their part time jobs, trying to convince them to let you into their dorm rooms, or just hanging out in the room with clocks at the local bar, there is always something to do in Lessons in Love. Please note, some things in this game may be meant to confuse or disturb you. But don’t worry! Everything will be okay~

Game Updated: 2023-01-06
Developer: Selebus SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Category: Android Adult
Version: 0.28.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

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Ahegao, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Harem, Incest, Loli, Masturbation, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Dating Sim, Humor, Romance, School Setting, Management, Horror, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Comedy, Romance, Psychological, Religion, Existential Crisis, Genre-Shift, Mobile game, Animated

Lessons in Love APK Download Changelog [v0.28.0] :


• 60k+ Words
• 650+ New Images
• 22 New Events
• 20 Main Events
• 2 Lust Events
• New Music
• New Main Menu
• Fixes/Changes for Older Content

Developer Notes:

- Sound is both required for progression as well as extremely important to the game's design. Do not mute the game.
- This is a very long visual novel that is not meant to be used as fap fodder. It is currently over 1.1 MILLION words (As of 0.19.0 Part 2) and less than 10% of that is pornographic.
- This game contains flashing images that may impact people with epilepsy. Please play at your own risk.
- This game contains sensitive themes and/or disturbing material that may be hard for some people to read. Please proceed with caution.
- It is very easy to get stuck in this game, especially if you tunnel vision characters. There is a guide linked inside of the game for those who are desperate and lost.
- This game contains harsh religious critique and is not meant to be played by those of great faith.

Early Game Rework Announcement:

NOV 13, 2021
Early Game Rework Announcement (And More!)
Hey, everyone!
Lessons in Love has been around for about a year and a half now and, within that time, I believe I have improved greatly as a developer in many different ways. I am happier with the current state of the game now than ever before and think the last several updates have been some of the highest quality of work I've ever put out for...pretty much anything. That being said, there are still many things about the game that I KNOW can be improved- and almost all of them come from the first several updates, when I was still figuring out how to use all of the programs and how exactly I was going to execute the story I had in mind. I was working another full time job up until version 0.8.0 and was never able to put in as much time as I wanted.
But, now that this game is my full time job, I feel that it is my duty to make sure ALL of the game is up to the standards I have set over the last year. But, in order to do that, a great deal of the early game needs to be completely remade.

- You will NOT have to start over. Current saves will stay functional and you're free to completely ignore any of the new early game content if you want.
- This will be a laborious undertaking. I expect to be working on recreating a great deal of early game content throughout the months of February and March.
- Progress reports for the rework will be posted to both the Discord and here so everyone knows the status of it and how much is left.
- Several events are being completely removed so that progression for characters like Ayane, Futaba, and Makoto feels less rushed.
- Any event that is removed from the game will still be accessible through a "Deleted Scenes" menu added to Sensei's computer.
- You will be able to access the new events through the event tracker if you do not want to play from the beginning again. However, if you have 100 hours or so to spare, I highly recommend that you do.

But Selebus, why are you doing THIS instead of just making new content?
Well, as I mentioned before, it is very important to me to have ALL of Lessons in Love at the same level the game is at now. But, in addition to that, I want to bring in new players who weren't exactly able to make it past a lot of the awkward, weirdly-paced early game. Thousands of new players pick up LiL for the first time every month, and I want to make sure that their experience is consistent, enjoyable, and just...not bad.

Is there anything I can do to help?
Yes, actually! But it's completely optional. Despite what many of you seem to believe, I am, in fact, a human. And as a human, there is only so much I am capable of. Lessons in Love has a lot of fucking characters, and since a great deal of the early game is being rewritten, some continuity errors might slip through my radar. It's not impossible that characters will reference deleted scenes in later events. In fact, I expect that thing to happen. So, if it does, please point it out to me so I can fix it properly. I'll be making a series of new, rework-dedicated channels on the Discord where players can point out both inconsistencies and things they believe could be improved.

Are you going to delete the Ayane bathroom scene?
Yes. Fuck that scene.

I understand that some people may be disappointed by the lack of new content in March and April, but I do wholeheartedly believe that this is in the best interest of the game. The early updates have been weighing on me for quite some time and, the sooner they're gone, the sooner I can get back to focusing on where we are today.
BESIDES, it's not like this rework won't bring any new content at all. Expect brand new events for pretty much everyone. Some characters, however, might receive a few more depending on how happy I am with their early game progression.
This isn't happening right away. There are still several normal updates and one special update coming before progress on the rework begins. But I wanted to give everyone notice ahead of time so, like always, you can know what I have planned for the future.

That said, here is a brief synopsis of the next several updates in chronological order.
0.21.0 Part 1 (11/15/21) - Noriko/Kirin/Niki/Maki
0.21.0 Part 2 (12/15/21) - Yumi/Chika/Sara/Yuki
0.22.0 (1/15/22) - Special Christmas Update
0.23.0 Part 1 (2/1/22) - Maya/Otoha/Nodoka/Kaori
0.23.0 Part 2 (2/16/22) - Main/Ami/Touka/Tsubasa/Tsukasa
0.24.0 (TBA) - Early Game Rework
If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!
Thanks as always for playing my game.

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