Lisa APK Download [v2.651] Overview:

Take control of Lisa, a young girl in her final year of college as she embarks on the final educational hurdle:

The Credit Hunt

To graduate Lisa must earn ample credits from local businesses and corporations by taking on part-time work fulfilling on-the-job duties in a range of industries. Living a docile and quiet life with her boyfriend Danny may not be the reserved future Lisa wishes for herself.. and with so many doors opening day by day she has every opportunity to change everything.

Game Updated: 2022-09-21
Developer: PaleGrass Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult 18 Games APK
Version: 2.651
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Lisa Adult Game Tags

3DCG, Female protagonist, Hotwife (Avoidable), Sharing (Avoidable), Anal sex, Big tits, Vaginal sex, Cheating (Avoidable), Handjob, Blowjob, Swinging (Avoidable), Creampie, Corruption, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Trans, Group sex (Avoidable), Titfuck, Humiliation, Bukkake, MILF, Voyeurism

Lisa Changelog [v2.651] :



BGM +5
BGS +3
SE +7

2D Art:

Character Sprites +71

3D Art:

CG +451 (+545 including Viv Date part 2 which was absent in 2.62 ^_^!)
Faces +112


CCL - (0cg)
George 1 - (4cg (10 total with variants))
George 2 / Mick 1 - (8cg (24 with variants))
Delivery - (6cg)
Danny Jogging 1 - (12cg)
MS Cheat 1&2 - (8cg (4cg each))
MS Sharing 1 - (4cg)
Grope Training 1-3 - (29cg)
LaptopP 1 - (3cg (18 including variants)
Byron Coffee 1-2 - (5cg each (19 total with variants))
Byron Coffee ClothingVariants 1-3 - (9cg total)
Consequences - (6cg)
Jo Kho - (21cg)
Kwang-Ho Eavesdropper - (0cg)
Queue - (8cg (27 including variants)
Theos / Daisy - (127cg total)
Viv Date Pt2 - (94cg)
DwPaul Pt 2 - (97cg)
Paul End 1 - (35cg)

Technical (IMPORTANT!):

Added local game saves
-To apply old saves you need to goto the directory: AppData>Local>User
Data>Default and make a new folder called "Lisa" inside which you can place the
contents of the previous save folder. Do not copy the folder itself, only the
.rpgsave files; the fileX, the config and the global files.

I know this is a bit of a pain but this will be the only time you have to apply this
method as from this patch on your saves will populate that folder automatically
(I hope!) so you can freely delete older versions of Lisa. For anyone beginning a
new game you don't need to create the folder within AppData as any new saves
will create the folder for you automatically.

Added a camera plugin:
-This one is significantly less interesting, it's just a little quality thing that'll cause
the camera to glide rather than jerk.

Developer Notes:


Returning players:

Because of the late addition of the journal and the fact that this game is still very much in development with every new update I would ask that you please interact with the node shown below. It aims to keep the journal updated and the game as bug free as possible. This node will be updated with EVERY patch, thank you x

A HUGE thank-you to everyone who has assisted in finding and reporting these bugs and to all of the wonderfully positive comments. It really means a lot. <3

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Lisa Download .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:lisa apk download

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