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No Haven is a side game to the dungeon crawler Whorelock’s Revenge (formerly Deeper Dungeons: Enhanced). Here you have command of a small group of slavers initially and from there you can send out your men, woman, assorted fantasy races, monsters and so on out on various assignments to earn gold, supplies and slaves.​

Game Updated: 2022-04-21
Developer: Bedlam Games Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Android Porn Games
Version: 0.971 TF Edition
OS: Windows (RAGS)
Language: English

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2DCG, Text based, Character creation, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Futa/trans, Monster, Monster girl, Rape, Slave, Management, Mind Break, Gay, Lesbian, Group sex, Furry, BDSM

No Haven Changelog [v0.971 TF Edition] :


-Slaving Distinctions:

---To encourage more engagement with some of the mechanics now selling a a slave with one of the Tertiary Trainings via Opportunities, the Auction, and from certain Assignments where the gold you receive is based on the Slave's Estimated Value will earn a Slaving Distinction.

---Spending one of these will result in the next Assignment having a roll of 1% which likely will guarantee a Critical Success.

---There are limits on when these can be earned, when they can be spent, and how many can be earned which are covered in greater depth ingame.

---These can be found on the player as a new option like if you wanted to Examine yourself or do a Personal Assignment.

---As part of this you can now earn progress towards the Seller of Quality Special Encampment Upgrade from selling in the same place as earning Distinctions so that's now not Auctions only. This includes Tribute of the Lost where you earn Favour instead of Gold.

-New Commissions:

---Coastal Corsairs now with two parts. First part is also used for the Human Northerner Male Slave Examine and second part is also used for the Human Northerner Female Slave Examine. The first part will also be used as the Examine for Dark Elf Female Slavers with Black hair. Other colours will use the existing one.

---Dance the Night Away. Has a maskless version used for the Critical Success and the non Fel Tainted Slave Examine to replace the old cropped one.

---Savage Orc Portrait. Replaces the placeholder Far Ranger portrait with the new Far Hunta keeping her former traits and updated her description to match the new commissioned art. Has variants which replace the Orc Succubus and Orc Demi-Angel Portraits. They've also had their descriptions updated too.

-Miscellaneous additions:

---New playable Unique Fae start. Has a new Aspect which will increase the chance of Forced Encounters and allows them to go on A Corner of Your Very Own in the Slave position which has an alternate Critical Success instead of the normal one with some different text.

---New Super Negative: Meeting of the Miraculous (TF Edition only). Allows a full encampment with a choice of some of the rarest races such as Demi-Angels or Draki at the cost of increased Disaster chance on all Assignments outside of the Encampment.

---It's now possible to obtain a Unique Slave with a new Aspect from To Hunt a Paladin if you go on it and meet the requirements to be able to get her by having enough Rank Ups in one of two Assignment types. Uses the part 2 commission for To Hunt a Paladin for her Examine, normally but this will change if you give her Favoured Pet training. The unique human noble you can find on Centre of Attention will now work the same way with her Examine being updated if she gets the Favoured Pet training.

---Deleted a loop when crafting which checked every entity to see if they were wearing an outfit that wasn't needed anymore. Given this could fire many, many times for each crafting I've decided to see what happens by just removing it. Should make crafting a lot faster than it was.

---Enchantments on a Epic or Quality item now increase the chance of a Critical Success on top of the usual bonus.

---As I don't think anyone has ever been on a Deeper Foray you now only need to have succeeded at A Brief Foray twice to unlock that Assignment rather than having to do it three times. The new Rare Assignment that is also connected to A Brief Foray will also be unlocked to be able to be found when that has been done.

---Dark Elves are much more likely to have black hair than before. Akir, Kreen, and Cathayan have also increased their chances of that with only a rare chance to go blonde instead.

---Expanded several of the possible results on Marshlands Survival.

---Expanded the You going Success result text on A Taste For Glory.

---Expanded the Critical Success results for Heal Slut Training.

---Expanded the You going Fail result on Deluge of Oozes if you end up wearing what's on offer.

---Expanded the Human Wastelander lore page.

---If Shadriel happens to be wearing a maid outfit it will now be shown in her examine.

---On a Critical Success or Success whoever ends up not being the one in charge for House Sitting will either go from Dominant to Switch, or will gain Submissive if they don't already have it. I've also added some extra text if that slaver happens to be a certain draenei wright with an extended version for the Critical Success.

---To address the logic issue with the Fail on Pillow Talk I've extended the text for both you and for sending a slaver to explain what happened after being turned away.

---Added an extra line to the Fail on Bred to be Broken to make it clearer what's going on.

---Added an alternate version of the Basic Blowjob Critical and Success result text if you or the slaver doing it is Female.

---Added a Submissive version of the Dance the Night Away Success result if you go yourself that increases the amount of gold you earn. I've also made the none Submissive version of that result for you less subby than it previously was.

---Tidied up some of the wordings on the Ooze lore page and added an extra pause to break it up more so it's less of a wall of text.

---Rhys Ashenscale now has a specific weapon.

-New Content Improvements and fixes

---The new special Assignment with a findable Unique which continues one of the Marshlands storylines should now be in fully working order. Greatly expanded the existing text, added a lengthy amount of alternate text on the Failure and Disaster for Submissive players, and added a Lore Page for the Unique.

---The new Rare Deep Mountains Assignment as another branch off from the Foray storyline should now be in fully working order. The special items you can get from this one are now far more detailed in terms of their description, changed a bunch of the mechanics, and generally all eight should be a lot more impressive. If you've already got the item the clothing or armour you get instead will now have the resilience and strength enchantments on the find something for a leader goal, and a seduction enchantment on the find something for a pet. Rewrote the results text, and now there's a bunch more variety of what races turn up to get involved.

---The Arrogance Storyline should now start correctly with some additional text in the Sable Masquerade result to serve as a better lead in.

---Fix for you not being able to go on Spear Fishing.

-Other Bug fixes:

---Fix for one slave having the estimated value of another.

---Fix for being able to learn Sneaky from Marshlands Corruption if the trainee is glowing from the luminescence Corruption.

---Fix for Burning Passions having the unable to take a slave messages despite being able to go on that slave when full or having the conflicting order. It was at the end of the assignment so wasn't actually preventing going on it, but the messages still shouldn't have been there.

---Fix for the Girlier modifier not being applied to crafted items if they're specifically not going to be a form of restraints or if they specifically are going to be a form of restraints.

---Fix for Temple Takeover not having the Disaster modifier on the risk check for that result.

---Fix for you being able to go on House Sitting.

---Fix for opportunities where they want a Human Commoner but Humans are a deal breaker.

---Fix for the convent gained from the third part of the Temple storyline not also being a lamia to match the commission for it if you do send Alrissa Cynnesh in the first position. The lamia convent you get will also now always have Hypnotic.

---Fix for incorrectly having Shun the Other or Harmony if you picked the other one or you picked Outcast as part of Quick Start with Extra Options.

---Fix for Sworn Duty being an Exceptional on Road 'Tax' Collecting but it was only being counted for the Suggestions and not the actual Assignment result.

---Fix for the starts with a specific set clothing as standard not getting to have a new outfit if the aspects Pretty Maid or Exhibitionist are taken (TF Edition only). The new Fae start has an exception for Exhibitionist as she gets that as part of her Aspect and so her specific outfit is already appropriate. She will however get a new one if you do customise her with Pretty Maid.

---Fix for some name variable errors when selling a slave via dilemma.

---Fix for assignments that can increase cum addiction were incorrectly overwriting other assignment text. That will also sort if you go on those results starting with: 'you - You...'

---Fix for one of the being bent over text variables having a consistently missing leading space.

---Fix for the broken formatting on the Icebreaker Assignment traits.

---Fix for the broken formatting on the lore discussion about orc ears.

---Fix for that if suggestions are turned off then if you're away and a slave recapture happens the suggestions from that would not be cleared and then turn up on the next assignment.

---Fix for several potential issues that could be caused by cancelling one of the Fulfil Opportunity Assignments.

---Fix for not getting anything for Heal Slut being asked for and provided for on the Fulfil Opportunity Assignments. Also now if Advanced Obedience Training is requested, Heal Slut Training will count, and will be worth more for having it.

---Fix for the Great Plains Dilemma Lead claiming it costs 50g if it should cost 25g.

---Fix for Crafter: Metal (C:Me) not being checked correctly as an Assignment Trait.

---Fix for Connected (Con) not being a positive on Back Alley Abduction despite being listed in the positive Traits.

---Fix for the Wood Elf check not working on Both Alike in Afamy.

---Fix for you doing healing missing some text set by a variable that should have been there.

---Fix for not getting the gold on the Fail of Burning Passions.

---Fix for an issue where completing a training of Neko, Anal, or Favoured and one of the others had been done it would assume another other one had also been done and would incorrectly add that training to the target.

---Fix for Aesandril's race sometimes being incorrect.

---Fix for Nora having her correct commissions shown and instead having the default Human Noble Examine.

---Fix for Visit the Aversol Markets not checking any of the listed traits correctly.

---Fix for Taggerfolk being able to get eye colour changes from the Stylist.

---Fix for a Switch or Obedient Slaver gaining Submissive from the Critical Success while overseeing Advanced Dominance Training.

---Fix for an issue with the slavers that can be trained as slaves in Alice, Bles, and Alyanara where the chack to see if they were still a slaver or not could get confused as create a ghost version.

---Fix for Centaur Demi-Angels having a mount to ride around on when they are already their own mount.

---Fix for accompanying Bed Warmers not getting any benefits from their Training.

---Fix for Maid Training not being added correctly to accompanying Slaves.

---Fix for supply routes and favour tributes being multiplied incorrectly and so the resources can be gained excessively for what should be normally the one return.

---And finally a whole bunch of various text fixes.

Important RAGS Information:

Please ensure that you are using or of the RAGS client. As of 0.803 you may also be able to play it without problems using other than occasional formatting issues as a trade off for better performance. Any other version of RAGS is still not a good idea.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “No Haven Download .exe” to start playing.

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