Paprika Trainer APK Download [v1.2.0.0] Overview:

From the author of Orange Trainer, this parody is based on Totally Spies.​

Game Completed: 2021-12-31
Developer: Exiscoming Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Android Adult
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Paprika Trainer Adult Game Tags

2DCG, Male protagonist, Parody, Trainer, Animated, Titfuck, Masturbation, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Cosplay

Paprika Trainer Changelog [v1.2.0.0] :


- 13 fully animated and voice acted cutscenes.
- 13 collectable CGs.
- Dozens of outfits, hairstyles, tattoos and more to collect
- An engrossing, humorous story with likable and believable characters.
- A unique mission system where you assist your spies on missions

Developer Notes:

I'm hoping to go al out on this one. With plenty of art (and possible animations), story, items and outfits and of course lots and lots of dripping, nasty, unforgivable p-.... family friendly content! So let's get some questions out of the way.
• Can you play with all three girls?
Yes, you'll play a character who interacts with the full trio, each with their own personal storyline, outfits, CGs and quests. On top of that you'll see some familiar faces from the show (and other shows) come by, so there's plenty to look forward to!
• How much are you going to make me grind?
LOTS! ... Okay well maybe not. Orange Trainer was made with the idea that you'd never have to do a lot of grinding and we all know how that turned out. So this time around, I'll be paying extra attention to make grinding more optional (but rewarding).
• Anything new?
The goal is to have more interesting gameplay in this one. Having to gather intel, going undercover, doing (optional) puzzles and a good / evil playthrough. On top of that, there will be stuff to collect, holiday events and 'maybe'.... even some voice acting!


Q: How much content is there?
A: The game is finished and can be played from start to finish. It is roughly going to be a 6+ hour experience.

Q: How long is the stealth mission bit?
A: Not that long. If you've gone through more than 12 doors and the event where the agent begins patrolling the halls hasn't happened yet, then you're stuck in a loop. Try reloading an old save file. I've only had this bug happen once, but just in case.

Q: How many sex scenes are there?
A: 13 fully animated and voice acted cutscenes. 16 collectable CGs. Loads and loads of outfits, hairstyles and tattoos.

Q: What does the ATM do?
A: There are hidden codes that can be entered to redeem secret outfits for the game.

Q: If found a bug, where can I report it?
A: You can either PM me, report it here or message me on twitter

Console Codes:

replace [gang] by aces outside or punk
replace [girl] by sam clover or alex
girlTitSize=[1 2 or 3]

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Paprika Trainer APK .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:paprika trainer apk download

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