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Persona H The Midnight Channel [v0.8.3] Overview:

Welcome to The Midnight Channel, a place where your darkest desires can come true. You were sitting alone in your room when the clock struck midnight. You felt the tv suck you in, and now you are in the Midnight Channel. Shadows are out of control, they are bored and crave entertainment. With the help from Teddy, you are going to make sure they stay entertained.​

Game Updated: 2022-10-22
Developer: DarkDemarley Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Android Adult
Version: 0.8.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Persona H Adult Game Tags

2dcg, assjob, big tits, big ass, parody, thighjob, visual novel, erotic

Personas H: The Midnight Channel Changelog [v0.8.3] :



* Tried a new technique to fix the Yukiko Hair comb issue.
* Tried another new technique to fix Ai's love collar scene if it didn't trigger.
* fixed bug where Steak Skewers wouldn't stack and Couldn't be gifted.
* fixed a bug that crashed the game when talkig to Marie with her Goth outfit.
* fixed bug that caused chie to float in her room.
* Fixed a bug where selling items to slime wasn't showig correct quantity
* Added back in the Sell All button at the Slime Miner.
* Fixed the Rfeine All button not giving correct experience.


* Add new patrons to end screen
* Created Community unlock for 1000 Collections on itch
* Designed all halloween costumes for major characters in-game.
* Added in music for Halloween Event
* Created the beginning of a Morality system for Spicy and Sweet (More on this in future update)
* Designed Margaret Blowjob Scene
* Implemented Margaret Blowjob Scene into the game
* Designed Character Models for the PArty
* Worked on Ticket System to collect during event
* Designed Marie's Footjob Scene
* Implemented Marie's Footjob scene into the game
* Implemented a system to allow you to repeat the Halloween Eent whenever you would like
* Changed dialog system to allow for Branching Dialog
* Changed Dialog system to allow for Event-like Dialog.
* Coded it in so that you can keep your own Halloween Outfit


Key Game Features:
- Created Rise Demand in her Talk to Rank 8 Scene
- Created Rise return item scene, after finding her lost item somewhere in the game.
- Created Rise Talk to scene for rank 9
- Created Rise talk to scene for rank 10
- Added a iTed color change section to the settings app
- Added an Ignore Mode checkbox to the Settgins app on the iTed
- Ignore mode makes it so that you won't receive phone calls from girls.
- Allowed Rise to Rank up to max rank of "Obsession"
- Changed look of Rise's Name card in top left of her room
- Created a "Task Tracker" system to show you what to do next with the girls.
- Added in Chie's tasks so the Task Tracker can be used on her.
- Created an introduction audio for Main Menu depending on which girl you get.
- Implemented new Lunamistxx voices throughout game
- Reworked sex scenes to incorporate new voices.
- Added in Rise's new voiced lines into the entire Rise script of the game
- Added in dialog for Aika during the Aika storefront and Sex Scene.
- Added Aika into the Home screen
- Added Task Traker for Saki
- Moved Close button for Gallery photos
- Designed a Marie Selfie
- Implemented Marie selfie into the game.
- Changed look of Exit Screen for Patrons
- Added in the new Rise Anal Scene
- Added in Anal Request for Rise
- Completed Rise's storyline to get to Max Rank.
- Added Task Tracker for Rise.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Persona H The Midnight .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:persona h the midnight channel

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