Randel Tales APK Download [v1.4.5] Overview:

400 years ago, the Demon King and his army attacked the Unified Kingdom of Astylla.But it’s not only adventure that awaits our protagonist. Many beautiful girls are waiting to be conquered by the charm of our young main character and his incredible muscles (muscles which might not actually be that incredible), from elves to dwarves, from shy childhood friends to mean redheads, from nympho guards to pure town girls, The world of Randel Tales truly is a varied place, where you can be the greatest of heroes… Or the greatest of villains.

Game Updated: 2023-11-20
Developer: Bunis & Rin Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult Games Download
Version: 1.4.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Lenght: 10 hours

Randel Tales Adult Game Tags

Fantasy, Medieval, Magic, Romance, Ahegao, Harem, Anal sex, Creampie, Rape (OPTIONAL), Threesome, Masturbation, Voyeurism, BDSM

Randel Tales Changelog [v1.4.5] :


-Added an animation to replace Gabe's handjob scene.
-Added (finally) all the tips for Evelyn's route.

-Changed the way to get the anal scene in Zenelith's slave route. Check the walkthrough for more info.
-Changed the duration of the wait for the elf duel. Formerly 7 days, it's now 8 days to coincide with a full moon cycle instead (from a full moon to another full moon it's 8 days), this is to make it easier to complete without the walkthrough while also increasing the consequences of a bad ending.
-Changed the consequences of not getting the good ending. Not getting the good ending will lock you off Evelyn's route.
-Changed the way the history test works. Now you won't be locked from accessing the academy again if you lose.
-Changed some lines related to the functioning of the Academy, the History Test, and the Adventurer's Guild (you will notice most changes during the whole history test shtick.)

-Fixed problem with Gabe's tips not appearing anymore.
-Fixed (theoretically) problem with the fourth line of text getting cut off on android.

-Removed a few of the annoying "Do I like Gabe...?" choices.

Developer Notes:

Please remember that this game is made in our free time! Don't expect Summer time saga level of quality yet. We will try our best to reach that once we have enough support to dedicate more of our time to the game!
Randel tales isn't your average "quick fap" game. We tried to add a good plot to this game. But you shalln't worry: Randel Tales will still have lots of characters to bang.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Randel Tales APK .exe” to start playing.

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