School Game APK Download [v0.935] Overview:

School Game is a game with RPG elements. You create your character and evolve in a school environement. Learn skills, buy equipement, meet classmates, build your reputation and budget, be a member of the student council and various clubs, and improve your relationship with the head of the student council, which you may decide to replace. Isn’t it what everyone wanted in high school, even in student years: complete freedom of action?

Game Updated: 2022-11-28
Developer: Sloths Command Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult Android Games APK
Version: 0.935
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian

School Game Adult Game Tags

2D Game, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Big Tits, Creampie, Sandbox, RPG, Simulator, Strategy

School Game Changelog [v0.935] :


New content:

— The storyline with Azumi, a realtor from a real estate agency, was continued: new events were added with a lot of story choices and interactivity, the events themselves will change depending on the stage of the game, your style of play and choices. In addition, a new 18+ event has been added with it, which falls out under certain conditions in this storyline.

— Continued storylines with plot randomized NPCs: with a girl with X-ray glasses and a society of hooligans. Including 18+ events with this characters were added.

— A new 18+ scene with randomized female NPCs has been added — petting you. It can be selected from the selection menu after the offer to have sex with the RNPCs girl.

— Added new features that require hacking skills of your character: now you can hack the academy database to not only improve your character's academic performance, but also to find out the phone numbers of randomized NPCs, give yourself a double scholarship. In addition, it is now also possible to hack the banking application, getting yourself additional interest on the deposit, as well as hacking the phones of randomized NPCs to get a weekly steady profit. In general, added much more opportunities to earn money with the help of programming skills

— An information button has been activated in the phone menu, with which you can get all the information your character has about the RNPCs: his name, appearance, your relationship with him, fatigue from dialogues with you and much more. In addition, it is now possible to permanently delete a contact from the list there with the click of a button.

— The erotic scene for the interaction of «pawing the chest» and just «pawing» in the aggressive category of the interaction menu with the RNPCs has been completely completed. Now it takes into account absolutely all the details of a randomized NPC: his hair color, hairstyle, breast size, clothes worn on him, even moles. Absolutely everything that concerns his individual characteristics is now available in the scene and is taken into account in it. In addition, emotions have also been added, which change in the RNPCs in this very scene, depending on the attitude to your character, the conditions of falling out of interaction and many other factors.

— For randomized male NPCs, more than half a dozen torso gradations have been drawn, which vary depending on their strength attribute indicator: the more of it, the more prominent his torso will be and vice versa. The same thing works not only with male RNPCs, but also with your character.

— Another erotic scene was completely completed, which is shown with a successful combination of circumstances during the interaction «To touch the buttocks» with randomized NPCs. Now it displays clothes, as well as RNPCs stockings, and also takes into account what set of clothes your character is wearing.

— The situation with sounds/music in the game has been somewhat improved: firstly, the channel responsible for music has been edited. Everything superfluous and what might not correspond to the atmosphere was removed. Secondly, new sounds were added: at the beginning of the game, when increasing the level, when taking perks for levels and in some other places of the game. In addition, now when loading, the mixer is not at 100%, as before, but at 50%, which will eliminate the problem when the player was uncomfortable due to too high volume on the language selection during the initial entry into the game.

— Now the gallery also displays CG scenes of Azumi, the realtor. It is located on the sixth page.

— Scene 18+ in the pose of a rider began to take into account the individual characteristics of the RNPCs: their moles, freckles, accessories, stockings / knee socks / tights and much more.

— Now all the attributes of your character have a maximum value of 100 units.

— Now the indicator of the required amount of experience for leveling has a maximum and minimum value, which will correct some of the errors associated with this and shortcomings.

— Now randomized NPCs have different heights and sizes automatically, without including this in the point generation menu.

— Added a new rule for randomized NPCs, available for selection from the interaction menu with them - always be shaved. With this, the RNPCs will always be shaved from the bottom.

— Added a lot of new group activities for randomized NPCs with their own events, events and elections. Each of them affects your relationship with them, their influence statistics and future activity. In addition, a new choice has been added to some existing activities - to be jealous.

— Now for an apartment bought in a real estate agency, there is a rent at a high and medium level of complexity. If you do not pay it, you may be evicted from it, and events with a realtor may be completely closed for passage.

— For randomized male NPCs, more than half a dozen new tattoos have been added to the face: they can be selected in the RNPCs editor, and they can also, with some chance, initially appear on a randomized NPC.

— Added a skill for «Overcoming Limits» levels. It gives you the opportunity to pump your character's attributes above the assigned pumping limit of 100 units to 120.

— Added a new character trait for randomized sadistic NPCs. It appears if the RNPCs has high values of courage and criminality, low values of sociability. Because of her, if the RNPCs sees your character fighting, several units will be added to your relationship.

— Added a new character trait for randomized NPCs - a fan of fights. It appears if the RNPCs has high values of courage and criminality. If he has this trait, fights instead of taking away relationships will add them.

— A new locator item has been added to the online store on the player's computer. It can be presented from the gift menu to a randomized NPC, and then with a one hundred percent chance of always finding it using the «Find a Character» interaction.

— Now tattoos and piercings on your character affect the success of communication with randomized NPCs. The influence itself will depend entirely and completely on their individual influence statistics.

— Added a new sublocation to the shopping center - tattoo parlor. In addition, a new interface with a background has been made for this, with the help of which you can make your character a piercing / fill him with existing tattoos on the body, arms, legs and other places.

— For randomized female NPCs, a new appearance setting has been added - nipple piercing. It can be generated on them in the session itself or at the very beginning and displayed in 18+ scenes.

— Now, if your character has successfully fought with a randomized NPC, the latter may get injured, which is why he will not leave his house for a while. In addition, he can also get injured in fights between other randomized NPCs.

— At a high level of difficulty, instead of permanently spending one unit of satiety and energy every hour, a new mechanic has been added: if your character's satiety is below zero at the end of the day, the progress of pumping attributes is reset by several percent, and if it is below zero, then a certain attribute may decrease altogether.

— New cheats have been added to the cheat menu for patreon subscribers: add relationships with a certain randomized NPC, as well as restore the health of all limbs.

— A new energy drink item has been added to the grocery store. When used, it gives a permanent 20 units of energy, however, it increases the chances of a heart attack from which your character may suffer.

— New perks for levels have been added to the game - «Titanium Bones», «Infinite Reserves» and «Accelerated Metabolism». The first one can reduce the damage received on the limbs, and the last two increase the maximum available level of energy and satiety in return for greater consumption of this very energy and satiety.

— A new perk per level has been added to the game - infinite energy and a dead stomach. With their help, you will reduce the energy consumption and satiety level of your character by 15 percent.

— A new perk per level has been added to the game - a local negotiator. By choosing it, twice as many products will be delivered to the grocery store.

— The price for products that can be used to make food has been redesigned: it has become 40 percent less, and cooking with a certain menu has become much more profitable than eating semi-finished products and meals in a cafe. In addition, now the products themselves are delivered to the store twice a week.

— The dexterity attribute has been redesigned: now it does not just affect the success of your character's fights with anyone, but also the energy/satiety costs of any action. The more dexterity, the less energy and satiety is spent as a percentage, the maximum of which is 40 percent.

— Redesigned the issuance of quests by the diary: now the information issued by it is more accurate. Some quests are now tied not to individual variables, but to those responsible for the course of the event itself, which will eliminate most of the problems when the quest in the diary simply did not have time to update.

— Added a new character trait for randomized NPCs - free relationships. It appears if the RNPCs has high values of boldness and vulgarity, romance and low values of sociability. If the RNPCs has this trait, then he will not once again pester your character with jealousy, however, he himself will not hide the relationship on the side.

— A lot more information about what needs to be done has been added to the diary, to the page with hints on the available plot tasks. Hints are now much bigger, more informative and clearer. In addition, they have added recommendations on how best to get to a particular task.

— Added new mechanics, slightly complicating the game at medium and high difficulty levels - health strength. Now any action requires one or another health of the limbs, which, if it goes below 30 percent, will significantly reduce the attribute for which the damaged limb is responsible. In addition, if the health of the limbs is low, some activities related to pumping attributes or the interactivity of the game as a whole will be blocked. You can cure them with the help of sleep, rest, or a purchased first aid kit in an online store. The very same health is displayed in the interface, where you can change your character's clothes, all indicators are available there. At the light difficulty level of the game, this mechanic is disabled.

— Now most bugs and exceptions related to the fundamental functions, instead of calling permanent exceptions on the whole screen, write the error itself into a separate variable, allowing you to continue playing without losing progress and saving. To see if there were any errors, it is enough to use a new choice in the console - a debugger.

— New functions have been added to the console for patreon subscribers, with which you can fix some errors, reload scripts and clear RAM from unnecessary gaming processes. In addition, some features have also been added to the gameplay itself, which is why many performance problems and exceptions will occur much less frequently.

— Added new events that will be released in case your character rises in rank in an abandoned factory. In addition, if he has a high enough rank, he will be able to receive a certain in-game profit.

— Now, to get into an abandoned factory to hooligans, it's not enough just to find a map or find out where the location is. You need your character to meet their requirements, or pay in-game currency at the entrance to the location.

— Added new ways to join the organization of hooligans in an abandoned factory - if by any criteria your character is suitable for joining them, there will be an event in which he will be approached to offer to join the organization.

— Added a new location interaction to the park area - sleep on a bench. With it, you can restore energy and limb health in case your character is evicted from the apartment.

— Added a new location interaction to the recreation room at an abandoned factory - play cards. If there is a randomized NPC at this location, he will be one hundred percent likely to play cards with your character, and if you win, your reputation among bullies, relationships and authority will increase.

— Now you can access the patreon subscriber console not only in the player's room, but also using your phone from absolutely any location. When you enter the patreon code, the key icon appears in the phone, with which the jump to the console is carried out.

— Improved artificial intelligence in a fight: now randomized NPCs are more focused on tactics, analyze your character's attributes and where he hits most often. In addition, they now also take into account whether your character uses a weapon in a fight.

— The background of the location «Abandoned Factory» and «Hotel», as well as «Apartment Threshold» has been redrawn.

— Items «First aid kit» and «Kitchen knife» can now be purchased not only in the online store, but also in the grocery store. In addition, a new item has been added to it - a protein bar, which will restore quite a lot of satiety at a time.

— Now, when searching for a character, if he is in an abandoned factory, your character permanently opens this location.

— Now the rider pose enhances the sexual experience of your character, a randomized NPC, increases physical attributes, and in general it now affects the characters equally as well as the other 18+ scenes.

— Reduced the effect of luck-boosting amulets on your character in the amulet shop. In addition, now these same amulets can give your character randomized NPCs, if they have the required character trait for this.

— Part-time work in the temple now brings more money, the effectiveness of weights from the online store has been reduced.

— At a high level of difficulty, now if your character's energy is -40, he can turn off right at urban/academic locations.

— Now, at the beginning of the game, after creating your character and randomizing the NPCs, there is a choice of the difficulty level of the game with a detailed description of the changes in the gameplay when choosing it.

— Now, at a high level of complexity, your character can be evicted even from the base apartment if rent is not paid for it.

— The activity module has been completely redesigned: more interrelated conditions have been added to determine the activity of a randomized NPC, the system for determining group activity has been slightly changed, and more auxiliary information has been added to the calculations, which will save the game from some flaws, such as incorrect determination of the dominant and receiving NPC in group activity, the absence of NPCs at locations during group activity, as well as some other errors and bugs.

— Some plot events with Yuki Oota and Ayano Yoshida have been slightly changed: the conditions for the events to fall out have been fixed, the movement of the plot lines has been corrected, and some spelling/syntactic/punctuation errors in the text in the Russian translation of the game have been corrected

— Improved generation of randomized NPCs: more interconnected conditions were added, which is why randomized NPCs are generated with fewer errors and inconsistencies.

— The behavior model of randomized NPCs has been improved: the locations visited by them, the method of activity selection have been edited, the activities themselves now have more influence on the RNPCs and the statistics of their influence.

— Added a new cheat code to the cheat menu for patreon subscribers - move by tag. With this, knowing the label of any plot assignment, you will have the opportunity to go to any stage of the plot in most cases.

— Now the game session does not start on the 12th of the month, but on the 1st

— Some game files have been optimized, which is why the weight of the game itself has decreased by 30 percent without taking into account the added new scenes with their new files.

— Now at the easy difficulty level, the minimum energy is not -40, but 0.

— Increased the chance of your character doing homework by 40 percent.

— Now the chance of a successful search for randomized NPCs using the «Find a Character» function is affected by the dexterity and luck of your character.

Fixed Bugs:

— Fixed a bug that could cause an exception in some circumstances during a visit to the player's room.

— Fixed a bug where an exception could occur under certain circumstances in the randomized NPCS editor.

— Fixed an exception that could come out during the passage of the story with the journalism club, in the last story tasks.

— Fixed a bug that caused a layer with a tattoo on the neck of hooligans to be displayed over the face in the randomized NPCS editor.

— Fixed a bug where if a randomized NPC goes to visit your character, he displayed the wrong name at the very beginning of the event.

— Fixed a bug where the rank of bullies was always at the lowest level, regardless of their reputation.

— Fixed a bug where a hint for fights could come out when signing a questionnaire for joining the occult club instead of the usual hint for joining this very club.

— Fixed a bug that caused the buttons «Add to favorites» and «Change color» to be confused in the interaction menu with RNPCs on android devices.

— Fixed a bug
in which, if you did not enter RGB into the input window in the interaction menu with randomized NPCs, an exception was thrown.

— Fixed a bug in which when choosing to skip a mini-game in a grocery store, the necessary explanations did not come out, what kind of choice is this at all.

— Fixed bugs and flaws in some events with randomized NPCs, and also fixed the course of some events with plot NPCs.

— Fixed a bug in which some products in the grocery store could go into negative values at the end of the day.

— Fixed a bug where if you start a fight with a randomized NPC who has clear intentions to rob your character and at the same time this character wins in the fight, he did not take money.

— Fixed a bug due to which, when pointing at the location interaction «Pray», the interaction «Part-time job» was also highlighted.

— Fixed a bug that caused an exception to come out when winning a fight with the RNPCs, which had a «Masochism» trait.

— Fixed a bug that caused an exception to be thrown if a randomized NPC had an 8, 9 or 10 base bra in 18+ scenes.

— Fixed a bug in which there could be events with a realtor even in case of failures in this storyline.

— Fixed a bug that could still cause the achievement perk to permanently increase the maximum hunger level.

— Fixed a bug where if your character had more than 100 units of energy during rest, the energy decreased.

— Fixed a bug that made it impossible to open the diary after leveling up in some circumstances

— Fixed a bug that made hacking training available only when your character's programming level was below 200 points.

— Fixed a bug that caused the energy to always be zero at a light difficulty level.

— Fixed graphical bug that occurred if your character was without any clothes, and also participated in the ass-pawing scene with randomized NPCs.

— Fixed a bug that caused an exception when restarting the game script.

— Fixed a bug where a menu of rules for male RNPCs was available in the interaction menu with randomized NPCs.

— Fixed a bug where an exception could occur during the first launch of the game and communication with a randomized NPC under certain circumstances.

— Fixed a bug due to which the hint about the luck attribute in the diary was not fully visible when hovering over it.

— Fixed a bug that required less and less experience to level up a player, which is why at level 39, zero experience was already required to level up. In addition, some formulas and the system of their calculation have been changed, which is why all the disadvantages to the required experience now do not add up together, but give less and less progression.

— Fixed a fundamental bug, due to which, if randomized NPCs interacted with each other in group activity, their relationships were reset.

— Fixed a bug where the scroll bar was not displayed in the editor when setting up scars for randomized male NPCs.

— Fixed a bug where it was impossible to customize tattoos by randomized male NPCs in the editor.

— Fixed a bug where randomized NPCs could crowd into one location at a certain time of day.

— Fixed a bug where an exception could occur during text insertion on Ctrl+V on Linux/MAC devices.

— Fixed a bug where an exception could occur when editing randomized NPCs in the editor under certain conditions and devices.

— Fixed a bug where an exception could come out after communicating with a randomized NPC after a while.

— Fixed a bug where an exception could occur during the usual long gameplay.

— Fixed a bug that made it impossible to put tights on a randomized NPC using the RNPCs editor.

— Fixed a bug, due to which the 18+ scene in the rider's pose could not be closed, which could cause exceptions to appear.


Greetings People,

Here's the batch of the latest cracked codes for 0.926:
The format is: tier: code
Comrade tier is the "lowest" tier and Best Friend is the "best" tier
   • comrade: bqmyqa
   • friend: mhprjx
   • bestfriend: ytlmoe

PS: Send me a PM if the codes don't work anymore

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “School Game APK Download .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:school game apk download

School Game APK Download [v0.935 Bugfix 3] Links:

All questions on how to download and install games here must go into our F.A.Q page.
Public Cheats: (only work starting from version 0.925):

yuki - opens all available CGs with Yuki Oota in the gallery on the player's PC.
meiko - opens all available CGs from Meiko Tsukasa in the gallery on the player's PC.
ayano - opens all available CGs with Ayano Yoshida in the gallery on the player's PC.
suzuki - opens all available CGs with Suzuki Matsui in the gallery on the player's PC.
hitomi - opens all available CGs with Hitomi Watanabe in the gallery on the player's PC.
gallery - completely cleans the gallery on the player's PC from CGs.

money - gives out 10.000 in-game currency when entering.
energy - gives 100 energy.
satiety - gives 100 satiety.

boosty - unlocks 50 percent of new 18+ content. (You can determine whether it is enabled or not by randomized NPCs: if there is a possibility of sex in the category with interactions, everything works as it should.)

Any of the cheats available above must be entered in the same place as the patreon code.