Succubus Adventure Download [Final] Overview:

A rookie succubus in the Succubus Guild. Since she was entrusted with the heart of a dragon as a container when she was born, she has more magical power than other succubi. Since she is a beginner, there are some parts that are a little immature. However, since she possesses the basic attribute of a charmer, her heart is quite obscene.​

Game Updated: 2022-08-23
Developer: Kanetsu Patreon 
Censored: Yes
Category: Adult APK Games
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Succubus Adventure Changelog [Final] :


• completed version

Developer Notes:


succubus adventure - Clarissa

How to operate
Movement: ←,→,↑,↓ or w, s, a, d
Charm attack: j
Jump: h or k
Evasion (requires magic consumption): j+h or j+k
Dirty Crest Magic (requires Dirty Crest): g or l
Conversation progress: j

important character

succubus adventure - Important Character

Archmage of Death:
After his beloved wife was killed by a dragon, he vowed revenge. So he didn’t hesitate to become undead and spent hundreds of years researching ways to defeat dragons. The Great Lawer of the

Dead: After the death of his beloved wife and children, he is required to swear by others.
Because he is immortal, he has been researching and defeating methods for hundreds of years.

succubus adventure - cyclops

Hundreds of years ago, the Cyclops were Dragon’s minions. While the dragon slept, the cyclops ruled over the dragon’s realm. Cyclops betrayed the dragon to maintain control of his realm after the dragon awakened.

One-Eyed Giant:
Hundreds of years ago, the One-Eyed Giant is a demon dragon minion. When the dragon arrives, the one-eyed giant arrives at the dragon’s land. After Awakening the Demon Dragon, the one-eyed giant rebelled against the Demon Dragon, so he continued to control the country.

Evil dragons are feared by all creatures in the world. In order to defeat the dragon, humans gathered elite troops many times and fought against the dragon, but they could not kill the dragon. Dragons always sleep for a while and then wake up again.

Demon Dragon:
A dragon possessed by world-class creatures. The human race won the giant dragon, and the multiple consolidation iron club team worked with the giant dragon, but the giant dragon was killed without law. The dragon is asleep for the first time, and then wakes up again.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Succubus Adventure Download .exe” to start playing.

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