Sunrise City Download [v1.0.0a] Overview:

Sunrise City is a visual novel/deck building game with adult content inspired by manga and comics.

The game takes place in Sunrise City where you play as a student in the Battle section of the prestigious Onyx Academy. The story takes place during the holidays of the hero who will have to investigate a strange group working in the shadows.​

Game Updated: 2024-01-26
Developer: Sunrise Team Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult Games APK
Version: v1.0.0a
OS: Windows
Language: English, French

Sunrise City Adult Game Tags

2DCG, Male protagonist, Big ass, Combat, Dating sim, Groping, MILF, Romance, Lesbian, Teasing

Sunrise City Changelog [v1.0.0a] :


• Added "the D.T.W" mission, which marks the start of season 1.
• Added the possibility to rename your character.
• Added the Day/Night cycle, which lets you change the day of the week and • the day period. For plot reasons, the weekend is not yet available.

Personal Stories:
• Added a new story for Rebecca "A golden scoop".
• Changed the final step for "In Sunrise Shadows" so that it ends during the prologue.
• Added a bonus scene for Rebecca.
• Added two new characters.
• Added 130 new 2D poses for pour Garry, Grace, Holly, Rebecca, Red Minion, • Blue Minion, Sneaky Minion and Strong Minion.
• Added 6 new 3D poses for Kana and Kyle.
• (v1.0.0a) Graphical correction to the Strong Minion's 2D poses.
• Added icons to choices, this should make it easier to identify the purpose of certain choices.
• Added 4 cutscenes and 2 illustrations.
• Fixed some dialogues where cutscenes did not deactivate correctly and prevented from interacting with the background.
• (v1.0.0a) Added a condition to Katja's dialog in episode 2 so that a choice cannot be selected without speaking to Clover first, to avoid a blocking dialogue later.
• (v1.0.0a) Kyle now gets lit correctly when changing from day to evening in the Gin's Bazar dialogue in episode 1.

• Added a new feature: Challenges, battles to be completed with specific conditions.
• Added 5 challenges for Holly.
• Added two new enemies and two variants.
• Added a new skill.
• Added two new buffs.
(v1.0.0a) Balanced Holly challenges: challenge "1-2 Risk-taking" has been moved to 4th position.
• Updated gallery with 7 illustrations and 2 scenes.
• (v1.0.0a) Added a button in the Options menu to access the folder containing the game's save and log files.
 • Added 7 new events.

 • Added new sound effects.
 • Fixed a bug that prevented some saves from being compatible between versions.

Developer Notes:

Planned content, delay between versions, adult content or any other question: take a look at the FAQ.

For uploaders, if you could wait until weekends to put updates we would be very grateful. We are a small team and we need a maximum of exposure, which happens mostly on weekends, thanks

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Sunrise City Download .exe” to start playing.

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