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You are an aspiring junior associate at a prestigious law firm, with hopes of one day becoming a trial lawyer, just like your current girlfriend of five years, Nicole.
But that dream has been put on hold the moment your sister calls you out of the blue, needing you to help her save her struggling hotel business and offering you a job down at Sunshine Bay during the summer.

You have not seen her in nearly nine years. You two will be spending a lot of time together, however, there will be other decisions, opportunities, friendships.

Game Updated: 2023-08-28
Developer: MrDots Games Patreon 
Other Games: Melody, Dating My Daughter
Censored: No
CategoryAdult Games
Version: Ch. 3 v0.01i Extras
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

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Sunshine APK Love Changelog [Ch. 3 v0.01i Extras] :

Ch. 3 v0.01i Extras

Chapter 3 First release

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Sunshine Love APK .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:sunshine love apk download

In-game Walkthrough Code: rebound , In-game Gallery Code: opening

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To be able to carry over your stats to Chapter 2, you need to do an EXPORT at the end of Chapter 1 Version 1.0 or else your Ch. 1 savegames will NOT work. Alternatively, you can start a new game in Chapter 2 and select your previous choices.

Sunshine Love APK Download Walkthrough [Ch. 3 v0.01i Extras]: