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The Bindmancer Download [Build 2022-12-23] Overview:

The Bindmancer: you play as a hero who enters into a ever shifting dungeon of delights in order to save heroes who fell to the traps and dangers that lurk within!​

Game Updated: 2023-02-02
Developer: Caroo Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Free Adult Games
Version: Build 2022-12-23
OS: Windows
Language: English
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The Bindmancer Adult Game Tags

2d game, female protagonist, tentacles, big ass, big tits, bdsm, combat, teasing, monsters, monster girl, animated

The Bindmancer Changelog [Build 2022-12-23] :

Build 2022-12-23

Low Willpower Warning: The music, camera, lighting and UI will change to indicate when you're now at critically low Willpower.

You can defeat Mimics: Mimics can now be attacked between their own attacks to vanquish them and give you a pickup.

Treasure Canisters: These replace the redundant stamina canisters. They give you gold when unlocked.

Punished cultist Pleading: Cultists Now plead through their gag when their punished.

Better prisoner camera zoom ins: Now the camera wont zoom in unless the player character I directly facing the prisoner next to them. This will make navigating around prisoners easier.

Other Minor Bugfixes.

Developer Notes:

Requirements & How to Install:
• Playable on a PC using a Windows OS.
• The game will boot up full screen and set to your monitors native resolution.

To Install It:
• Download the zip file
• You MUST unzip all the contents of the zipfile to any folder. The game cannot run from inside the zipped file.
• Windows can unzip it by itself. You don't need to download any third party software like WINRAR.
• You can run the demo by entering the unzipped folder and double clicking on the file named: Kinky Dungeon Project

Common Install Issues:
• If you don't unzip the contents of the folder, you can't play the game.
• If the game opens and then closes without a screen showing, that's typically a graphic driver issue, update your graphics cards drivers and restart your pc.
• Unity games don't like being placed in folders deeply nested in multiple folders. This is due to long file directory names messing with Unity. 3 to 5 folders deep is fine. More and it gets wonky.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “The Bindmancer Download .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:the bindmancer download

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