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The Lost Love APK Download [Ep. 4 CG] Overview:

You play as a guy in his late 30s. For the last 6 years, you have been living alone in your apartment building, away from your family. After a long time, you were able to open your heart to a few people, but there is still a big part of you that wants that old life back, which was stolen from you. But one day, someone from your past forces themself back into your life. With this person’s arrival, a series of events start happening. Finding a new investor for your company, helping your favorite barista, catching your sweet innocent neighbor doing something very sinful, and confronting your childhood bully.

A story about violence, betrayal, lust, revenge, and of course… Love.

Game Updated: 2023-10-12
Developer: SpeedPostX  Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Sexy Adult Games
Version: Ep. 4 CG
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

The Lost Love Game Tags

3DCG, Incest, Harem, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Voyeurism, Big tits, Big ass, Teasing, Interracial, Mystery, Romance, Sextoys, Animated, Ahegao, Creampie, Dilf, Drugs, Female domination, Group sex, Male Domination, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal sex

Planned Fetishes: Anal sex, BDSM, Corruption, Cheating (Not on you, you are the lucky fellow.), Public Sex, Netori ( those who don’t know, don’t worry you are safe.), Humiliation, Lesbians (optional), Lactation

Not planned/Never Gonna happen: Hard NTR(on Mc), Scat, Bestiality

Also English is not my first language so please be kind, but I do not mind some productive criticism so please give your feedback.

The Lost Love Changelog [Ep. 4 CG] :

Ep. 4 CG

1. changed all the bad renders from episode 4 from the Lily scene, beach scene, dinner scene, and police station scene.
2. changed the design of the beach lady
3. changed the design of the lieutenant of NCPD
4. some minor dialogue changes
5. fixed the main menu of the Android port.

Developer Notes:

After episode 3 was released to the public. I have received a lot of questions and a lot of comments, I will be addressing them here.
1. Bi-sexual love interests
A lot of people complained about this, a couple of reviews only complaining that all Characters are bisexual, and in a harem, the focus is shifting from Mc to other characters. Let's see how many characters are Bi in my game:
Bi :
Not BI:
There are a few more characters like Kavita, Sam, and Deja who are straight and are not in the game yet.
Ashley has seen Mc doing things with Mikayla, she was excited because MC was there not because Mikayla
Maya, Mikayla, Chloe. Tara and Cynthia have never said anything or done anything that made them Bi.
An argument can happen about Lily that maybe she is bi she was excited to see Maya, but voyeurism is her kink also, She is way too obsessed with MC.
Now Jill is not Bi for me but people will argue so maybe because there was a scene when she wanted to reach Mc through Jennifer.
Now, the problem with Jennifer is as if people stopped reading or something after she entered the room of that hospital scene. Cause I have dropped hints of her kink in epi2 on the driving scene and she said herself that she enjoys seeing his man fuck other girls. Yet people were still complaining about her being an alpha bitch or something.
I never expected to receive a question like this one; I never knew the harem community was so particular about harems. The reason most of the girls in my games are attracted to other girls is that I want them to accept the relationship they are in with Mc and other girls.
Example: Jennifer and Mellisa are related, and I have already established that Mc had been intimate with both of them, individually and together. Now, if Mellisa and Jennifer are not attracted to each other that will be such an awkward scene for those two characters. Like they are committing ince$t just because they like a guy, it will feel forced. But because Mellisa is interested in Jennifer already, things can go smoothly without feeling icky. FYI, it gives the green light to a scene where Jennifer and Mc double-team Mellisa.
2. Lesbian scenes:
This one was also unexpected cause I think I have always shown lesbianism tag in my game from the start as a planned fetish. But people were asking if the lesbian scenes would be optional or not. Before I tell you my decision I should explain why is lesbian tag was there, mainly the tag was for a lesbian couple which is going to be added to the game in the future. Also, for other girls to be in a relationship with each other even though Mc is going to be the pillar of that relationship.
For now, my decision is the make those scenes optional but there is a difficulty to it. If you observed that the lewd scene I make usually carries a lot of information for the later scene, for example, in the scenes with Cynthia or with Sally in the both of those scenes a lot of things were said which changed later scenes with those characters or information about those characters. If I make those lewd scenes optional a lot of information will be missed. The solution to this is to make a non-lewd scene where that information is delivered.
3. Why is there so much lying and secrets, even though a lot of those characters love each other?
This one was unique and I find it cute that someone asked this. Sorry for the philosophical answer, the thing I believe people lie most to the people they love and those lies don't need to be told for manipulating the other person or betraying them, but to protect the people they love or protect the relationship.
Also, this is the kind of story I want to present, of course in a utopian society we wouldn't need to lie or keep secrets but this game is not set in a utopian future. Also, this applies to our own society too, this is functioning because we are lying and keeping secrets.
Just imagine you telling everything to your significant other, and when I say everything that means everything little thing, no matter how stupid that thing was. Especially the things you did in college. Do you think you still be in a relationship after you told everything? Or
When a child is very young and has no idea of the real society, his parent doesn't; tell him everything about society to him, just to protect his innocence not keep secrets from him.
Now, the reason you find those lies a lot problematic is that those lies don't have any stakes attached to them for now. If you knew the weight those lies carry it will be much easier for you to digest. Don't worry those secrets and lies will be revealed soon.
4. Bad love interests:
A few people commented about this, that a few characters (especially Chloe) are bad love interests, because of lying or keeping secrets or being an ungrateful bitch (Chloe of course). But I don't think they are bad love interests but they are flawed. When I first started writing this game I had one thing in my mind; this game will be character-oriented, which means every character will have their own moment, their own struggle, problems, likings, and fetishes. Those characters will have their own arcs, they will not just exist just to be fucked by the Mc (even though they will be at one point). I know I'm a great writer or something but I want to add something to my game that I felt missing in some of the games I played.
Also, flawed characters are fun to write, you can so much about them, their backstory, their interests, their likings, their goals, and of course their redemptions.
5. Why does Mc behave so childishly in front of Jill?
I'm glad someone picked up on that. When I was thinking about the scene with Jill I wanted to show that they knew each other since childhood, they never get along yet never drifted apart from each other, and the last thing that Jill used to bully Mc. Now the reason Mc behaves so differently in front of Jill is one of my friends, that guy behaves so differently in front of me than his college friends or his colleagues and turns out I also do that too. I try to look more mature in front of my colleagues and I behave like a kid in front of my childhood friends.
That's the reason Mc behaves so childish in front of Jill, they both had a toxic relationship since childhood, and every time they meet they want to insult each other just like they did when they were little, instead of being mature.
6. Why so much drama and suspense?
Cause I like those kinds of stories and I wanted to write one like that.
7. Why can players read characters' thoughts, is Mc a mind reader?
This one was a weird question. I don't think Mc ever behaved like a mind reader. So no, he is not. The reason a player can read other characters' thoughts is that I want them as a creator, I like showing their inner struggle to players. If a character is liking this situation or hates it.
Also, being able to read inner dialogues is a good thing especially in the case of Jennifer, because she is a tsundere, most of the time she presents to not accept Mc's advances but because of her inner thoughts a player can tell what she actually wants. Now just imagine that scene in the hospital where Mc is meeting Jennifer for the first time, that scene would look a lot rapye without those inner dialogues.
8. Will Jennifer dominate other Love interests?-NO!
No! When it comes to Ashley, Lily, Maya, or any other characters whom Jennifer has barely any scenes with. And if Mc is present and has given his permission she will show her dominance over ONLY! ONLY to Mellisa or Sally.
These are the question I could remember right now, if you have more let me know, I can try to answer them without spoiling the story
-Different 'pacing' with different characters:
I forget to add this point to the page last time. From now on you will see different pacing with different characters, which means you will see a few characters where we will take time and build their relationship and then move to the lewd stuff such as Asley, Maya, Jennifer, etc. But there will also be characters where the lewd stuff takes priority instead of their relationship building. such as Chloe and Sally. I think this will give variety to the players.
At the start of the writing the story I wanted to make sure that the main plot of the story should not be always in the face of the player, and that the story does not need to remind the player to keep focusing on the main plot, instead let the main plot brewing in the background and it's not always in the face of the player. Cause I have played a lot of games that kept their main plot always in the limelight never letting me forget about the main plot it's not necessarily bad but the payoff of those stories was disappointing for me. That's why I did this
-Chloe's scene:
Also, changed Chloe's scene a bit. Now, you can reject Chloe properly. And there is a new path in Chloe's story now.
- Sally's scene and Jennifer's femdom:
When I was writing this scene, I thought about this a lot cause this is a male fantasy game, and most people like each end of that spectrum where either Mc is extremely dominating or Mc is extremely submissive all the time. So I wanted to do something different with Mc and Jennifer's relationship, from now on I want to keep things fluid between them, of course, it will be optional. But I want to add one more thing if it isn't obvious that Jennifer likes being the Alpha bitch, she does not mind if Mc's is taking the dominating role but she wants to be in second in command if more people are involved. We will explore this more when Mellisa is in the picture
- The Serial Killers:
I think I saw a comment about this, complaining about why did the main plot changed all of a sudden. The thing is the main plot hasn't changed but the serial killer is another character who will be very important to the main plot and the main point is not the serial killer but who she killed, that's all the hint I can give right now. The serial killer gave a new dynamic between Ashley and Tara, as well as Mc and Sally. Also, it showed the world where Mc is living, that this city had a problem of crime which will be much easier for the audience to digest the things going to happen in the future.
It was a bit hard to make animations in Daz, even though I wanted to make a lot more than these 12 I had to stop myself cause it was quite time-consuming. I had to redo a few of them because of noise, and lighting issues. Just because of this, the whole update took a lot more time than usual. In the future, I will keep myself from making a lot of them till I learn a new program to get better and easier animations.
- For now, I'm only focusing on the harem route. I have already stated that I will be working on individual routes of character after I'm done with the harem route. Cause it's just not possible I don't want to give you false hope for working on 10 -15 directions at the same time.
A few people asked about this. Yes, netori will be there but in the future, till Ep3 I have only mentioned that character will be responsible for this tag. If you have more questions let me know.
A lot of people asked me about this and yeah, harem will be in this game but every character or group of characters will get their own specific endings, so if you only want to go towards one particular character you will be able to do that.
-Tara and Mc: Before anyone ask me, yeah they are related.
-Nose ring:
A few people asked about this, and yeah there is a reason for that nose ring, and all those tattoos on Mikayla's body but I will not explain them here, you have to wait for Ep3 for that. But this did give me an idea for a post.
-Relationship between Mc and Ashley: After a lot of thinking I have decided to keep Ashley as the half-sister to our protagonist, so don't get confused by the default word, you can easily change it.
When I said this will be a Slow Burn, I meant that there will not be an actual sex scene in a few early episodes cause I believe that a sex scene between two characters would be more meaningful if you know about those characters first and their stories. BUT there will always be some kind of lewd scene in every episode onwards.
I wanna make it clear that there will be no NTR towards Mc(like sharing and stealing his girls), but Netori will be a part of this game. In the description, I already said Mc would have a choice, a choice to take revenge on the people who hurt him in the past, and that's all I'm going to say right now.
I know a lot of people are confused about the flow of events in this game, the thing is everything that happened in the past will be revealed slowly but surely in each upcoming episode. what happened to Mc in the last six-year? How did Mc gain so much success? How does he own an apartment building? What did make him leave his only family behind and come to the city? all those questions will be answered in upcoming episodes. This mystery is the main flavor of this story and everything will be revealed about Mc and the character around him, just wait patiently.
-Versions: From now on, the game will be released in episodes so it will be less confusing for everyone (especially me).
Thank you.
I hope you like this update. Let me know your thoughts and feedback. Again thank you for your patience.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “The Lost Love Download .exe” to start playing.

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