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Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion [v1.170] Overview:

Tomie is a college student who took a leave of absence from college. She was no longer interested in studying or working diligently, and she wants to meet and marry a rich man who will fill her vanity. At the recommendation of her friend, she joined a matchmaking company mainly used by rich men, and she met and dated several rich men. Whether she will succeed in meeting and marrying a really good rich man, or any other ending, is all up to you.

Game Updated: 2023-01-12
Developer: Ollane Patreon 
Censored: Partial
Category: Adult Games APK
Version: 1.170
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Tomie Wants to Get Married Adult Game Tags

Female Protagonist, Sandbox, Animated, Corruption, Prostitution, Dating Sim, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Submissive, Groping, Voyeurism, Stripping, Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy, Male domination, Spanking, Anal Sex, Blackmail, Humiliation, Multiple Endings, Urination, Censored, Creampie, Bukkake, Multiple penetration, Rape, Sex toys, Interracial, Lesbian, Masturbation, Milf, Mobile game

Tomie Wants to Get Married Changelog [v1.170] :


In December, I took a break, so there is not much updated content. :cry:

(Important issue)
Freezing bug related to event where Tomie is kidnapped by factory beggars at night
You should type the console code below by pressing the ` key when the event starts.
@set mCount=0

* Lewd Tomie part expansion content update
Lewd Tomie means when Tomie wears a slutty outfit.
(Added) 3 Town enter layer events (1 additional type, 2 variations)
- Added 1 mini Oral event during the Town Enter event - urgent stranger EV
- Fanboy events can be linked to Karaoke.
- Some Teasers suggest that Tomie go out for a drink together.
(Fixed) During the Town Enter event, the flirting (♥) option did not work when men flocked to it.
Due to this, events that were not occurring at all will now occur..

(Added) 1 variation of Return to home event
- Stalker asking Tomie for prostitution

(Added) Old Cinema
Lewd Tomie is able to investigate an old cinema that is known to be haunted by perverts.

(Added) Red light district - BBC House
Lewd Tomie can visit the red light district to find a nice guy.
3 types of partners

(Added) Subway - mini event
After Tomie meets Tyrael in the Red light district, she can visit Subway.
However, it will be impossible for Lewd Tomie to head to Malnor city.
* Malnor city's Pick up bar will be updated during January.

*General event
(Added) Sleeping beauty EX
Variations of the Sleeping beauty event (LOLGame's idea. Thank you!)
- After Tomie accepts the Sleeping beauty event 4 or more times
- Do not use sleeping pills
- Tomie's reputation is less than 0
When an event occurs, when Tomie's Depression>=2, additional selection is possible

(Added) Exhibitionism in the Library
This is a library exhibitionist event with a total of 5 stages.
The requirements for the necessary scene are described in the options.
Includes dedicated Anim H-Scene
- Requires Tomie's exhibitionism level 3
- a dildo for additional scenes.
- In the first event, if Tomie reports the girl, an extra scene may occur.
Ideas from shake. Thank you!

(Added) Night visit event, Drunken stranger
A drunkard will "accidentally" visit Tomie's house in the middle of the night. And... *SPOILER*
- Occurs only on Friday
- Unlocked door
- Requires Luxury ring (available at Highstreet)
- It consists of three stages, and then ends or is converted into two types of repetitive events.
- Includes exclusive CG scenes
Ideas from LOLGame.

(Added) Creampie variation scene & Strongry request "pull out"
In a Common Vaginal scene, Tomie can make stronger pull out requests to her partner.
Partners are more likely to accept requests.
However, it may not be the case if Tomie's Submission is high (up to 33%)
* Instead, Tomie will be more stressed if her partner makes a "mistake."
* If the partner is very aggresive, he will bully Tomie with persistence.

(Improved) "Oldman" visitors now often message Tomie.
If Tomie ignores his texts, it could lead to dangerous events.

(Added) 11 Anim H-Scenes
Vaginal_LibraryEV_AnotherGirlA, Vaginal_Library1
Foreplay_TomiePregPervMB0, Foreplay_TomiePregPervMB1
Vaginal_HandsomeGuyPreg, Vaginal_scouterPreg
VaginalPregEV_AnotherGirlA (Requested scene)

# Pregnant Expansion Wrap-up
I was able to add about 50% of the stories and ideas written by the advisor, Jaison... Thank you.
(Added) 3 visit events added
Police visit event, Milk visit event, Prostitute visit event
(Added) 7 go-out events added
(ETC) Apply other minor changes (replacing some CGs, marking the day of the week, etc.)

# Karl&BDSM Expansion Wrap-up
I need to make a part for the owner other than Karl.. I'll include that in the Inswitter secret account part.

(Added) 5 Punishment Events
- Punishment occurs if Tomie breaks her contract to Karl
- If you proceed to the final stage of Punishment, you can obtain Episode Clear SP

(Changed) Renewed One-dollar tip CG and added One-dollar tip CG for Lewd Tomie
(Changed) Tomie now doesn't gain weight by exercising once a week.
(Fixed) Errors caused by the name of "Boyfriend" (fatal bugs that occur when names contain "-" )
(Fixed) A bug where options to escape during some H-scenes are not displayed
(Fixed) Bug where Defloration in webcam event is not applied
(Fixed, Android) a bug where about 100 CGs newly added to the Android version were missing
(Changed) In proportion to the stacks of Cum inside, there is a higher chance that Tomie will become pregnant.
(Fixed) H-scene's some typos


For endings, ending conditions, and menu unlock conditions, see the Tips&Hints
(You can access Tips from the title or from the pop-up menu that appears when you press the ESC key)
Cheat menu (accessible by phone item in inventory)

On the board game screen, you can play the game using the Roll button at the bottom
You can save after a day passes
In the setting menu, you can set the resolution of the game, the speed of text, and the volume
I recommend you to speed up the message speed
I do not recommend changing font type and font size because all text sizes and fonts have not been tested enough
If the game is slow in the android version, set the graphic setting to 'very low' in Settings
The game is optimized for a 16:9 ratio resolution
Problems with other resolutions will be improved over time
Higher attractiveness, pheromones, corruption lead to more diverse event
Lower reputation lead to more diverse event

Shortcut keys
L-Ctrl : Skip
A : Toggle Auto
L : Show backlog
Space bar, Enter : continue
Tab : Toggle UI (But use the right side of the button in Animated H-Scene)
ESC : Popup menu
` : Toggle console UI (pro only)

All debug codes - Used through the Phone item in your inventory
oldsave - cheats for earning oldsave achievements
resetsev - Reset the list registered in Simple EV
karma - Raise Tomie's Karma (for Stalker EV)
stalker - Added Common stalker. He constantly bullies Tomie if he has karma.
forblackmail - added blackmail photos. for debug
resetsamdaikn - Resets when either Naturo or Karl is shut down
cursedsamdai - reset Sungold and reset Samdai stack to 4
getstrippedagain - Added 3 outfits (Nightclub, Maid, Home)
iwanteasymode - Earn 50 achievement points

Developer Notes:


Tomie WGM is a game completed in January 2022.
However, I started making the Expansion version from July 2022.

There is still a lot of content to add to Tomie WGM, so I plan to add them all.

Tomie WGM Expansion will have "Expansion" as its motto.
I will update in the direction of adding new content so that existing users will not be bored.
And, i plan to utilize both WGM's full client release, and MOD release for specific content by someone

Thank you

Known Issues:

1. If the game is experiencing lag, try changing the graphics option in settings to high.
This is likely to happen at very low due to frame limits.

2. On Android and Mac versions, there is a possibility that Sex Conversations and Webcam comments may not be displayed.

3. Due to technical issues, if you load an existing savefile in a new version, the items in your inventory will disappear.
Some items will be restored after a day. sorry.

4. Optimized for 16:9 ratio resolution. I haven't tested it at all other resolutions, but there shouldn't be a big problem.

5. When playing the game in some environments, there are cases where the screen freezes without switching to the opening scene after the game starts.
I will try to solve the problem as soon as possible

Currently, there are reports that if you run the program with the locale emulator, it proceeds normally.

Please try that method until it is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Below is the download link of locale emulator.

4. There are reports that a black screen is intermittently displayed in a roaming event when playing in some environments.
It is said that it does not occur when switching from window mode to full screen.


1. Most of the sentences in this game were translated through a translator.
After completion of the development, language correction is planned.

2. The plot of this game is generally dark.
This is because the developer's mental state is dark due to COVID.
The plot of the game will unfold in a terrible environment toward fine hope.
And this game is more like "unhappiness porn".
Contrary to real life, Tomie WGM's world is very harsh.
I wanted players to feel reassured that reality is much better.

3. about the misunderstanding
In this game, most male characters are pervert-type, and most female characters are gold digger types.
I'm referring to stories from AV and manga, so please don't misunderstand me.


Provides 2 play modes
- Action mode : The player can more directly choose the desired action.
- Dice rolling mode : Based on the dice roll, random play is possible
Action mode is recommended

By your choice, you can either quickly corrupt Tomie, keep it pure
You may be able to continue or break the relationship with the matched man
Or, you could give up the matchmaking and get Tomie's own job to become famous and get rich

Animated H-Scene
Some scenes are webm-based video production
In the H-scene that occurs due to some events, you can choose the position to play

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:tomie wants to get married expansion

Tomie Wants to Get Married Expansion [v1.170] Links:

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EXTRAS: Save file - Achievement save file - OMAKE - Modder guide - mod-blackmail1 - mod-nightvisit1 - mod-violate1 (2022-08-03)

Tomie WGM - All debug codes
* You must enter the code through the Phone item in your inventory

oldsave - cheats for earning oldsave achievements
resetsev - Reset the list registered in Simple EV
karma - Raise Tomie's Karma (for Stalker EV)
stalker - Added Common stalker. He constantly bullies Tomie if he has karma.
forblackmail - added blackmail photos. for debug
resetsamdaikn - Resets when either Naturo or Karl is shut down
cursedsamdai - reset Sungold and reset Samdai stack to 4
getstrippedagain - Added 3 outfits (Nightclub, Maid, Home)
iwanteasymode - Earn 50 achievement points