Trials in Tainted Space APK [v0.9.030] Overview:

Trials in Tainted Space is a text game about exploring the universe, yourself, and its myriad inhabitants in fun and customizable ways. Because the entire game is made in text, it’s easy to change scenes on the fly. The game is built to accommodate everything from you playing a studly ship captain to a busty space-slattern to a masculine-looking hermaphrodite to a hard-working mercenary just looking for his next job.​

Game Updated:2023-01-08
Developer: Fenoxo Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Android Porn Games
Version: 0.9.030
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Trials in Tainted Space Adult Game Tags

2DCG, Text based, Adventure, Sci-fi, Character creation, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Furry, Futa/trans, Gay, Lesbian, Mobile game, Monster, Monster girl, Rape, Tentacles, Transformation, Trap, Combat, Turn based combat, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Big tits, Big ass, Pregnancy, Sandbox, Milf, Big Ass, Masturbation, Religion, BDSM, Ahegao, Humor, Handjob, Groping, Tit Fuck, Puzzle, Romance, Sex Toys, Sissification, Spanking, Teasing, Tentacles, Virgin, Voyeurism, Dilf, Male Dom, Female Dom, Multiple Penetration, Multiple Endings, Lactation.

Trials in Tainted Space APK Changelog [v0.9.030] :


• [BACKER] Una has a new series of facesitting scenes, along with a potential bad-end for good boys who prove they know their place under her booty. (William, Nonesuch & Gedan)
• Bakhar’s menu being funky has been fixed. (lowercase_donkey)
• Fixed a handful of character names not being consistently displayed in the UI. (lowercase_donkey)
• Fixed a couple of oversights with parser tags in lovestarz content. (lowercase_donkey)
• Fixed where the displayability of the update notification message is determined which should ensure it can be consistently displayed across different build types. (Gedan)
• Fixed milk thief crashes. (lowercase_donkey)
• Fixed Credits always being listed as the currency during a shop checkout process, even when another currency is being used. (lowercase_donkey)
• Improved the parser to support literal arguments. (leek)
• Tweaked all of the current race scoring parameters to more closely align with expected results under the old system. All of the starting race options should now properly result in half-race outputs as expected. Where possible, the new system avoids using specific genitalia as a scoring element and instead relies purely on other appearance factors but there are a handful of cases where this is impossible or clearly does not make sense to avoid. (Gedan)
• Tweaked all of the different ways the player can acquire Kiro’s ship for themselves, hopefully resulting in a more consistent experience. (Gedan)
• Deduplicated a bunch of old content as well as cleaning up the scope of a lot of functions across the codebase. (lowercase_donkey)
• Undo states should be properly created in more instances when the parser has been provided temporary parser tags. (Gedan)
• A variety of scene and tag fixes, along with the usual assortment of bust tweaks have been performed. (lowercase_donkey)

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Trials in Tainted Space APK .exe” to start playing.

*The Android version only works with 8.1 compatible devices, more info here. **The Image Pack is standalone, and requires a standalone flash player.

Screenshots:trials in tainted space apk

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