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Udon-Ya Manga Collection Download [2022-08-20] Overview:

Udon-Ya is the circle name of Kizuki Aruchu, or ZAN, a famous manga artist from Japan, who started his career in 2004. He is mostly known for his god-level masterpiece Monhan no Erohon, a parody of Monster Hunter in 17 works, which principally revolves around clans of perverts raping female hunters–even though the latter often enjoy their rape and are sometimes even more perverted than their rapist(s). Kizuki has a good sense of humour as well, and his works are somewhat heavy on text. In his early years, he also made a good amount of doujins of the Fate series.​

Artist: Udon-Ya Patreon
Censored: Yes (mostly bars), A Few Works Uncensored
Category: Porn Comics Download
Language: English, some works in Japanese and Chinese
Resolution: Various, up to 10K, mostly about 1080p
Pages: 2353

Udon-Ya Comics Tags

2DCG, Parody, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Group sex, Multiple penetration, Creampie, Lesbian, Tentacles, Rape, Bestiality

Udon-Ya Collection Download Changelog + Collection List [2022-08-20]:

2022-08-20: added Monhan no Erohon 07 (2009-11-18)

Collection List:

10TH (2014-08-17,C86) [CEN,JAP]
BAYLEYS (2004-10-31) [CEN,JAP]
BLACK 99% (2006-08-13,C70) [CEN]
BLACKxGOLD (2007-08-19,C72)
Chaldea no Erohon (2017-08-13,C92) [CEN]
Da Medusa (2006-04-02) [CEN,JAP]
Furohile 0 (2013-08-11,C84) [CEN]
Furohile 1 Jou (2015-08-16,C88) [CEN]
Furohile 2 Ge (2015-12-31,C89) [CEN]
Furohile (tank) (2017-12-31,C93) [CEN,JAP]
I miss you. (2019-08-12,C96) [CEN,JAP]
Kuiaratamenasai Kedamono (2006-06-18,SC32) [CEN,JAP]
Kyou dake desu yo (2006-12-31,C71) [CEN]
Maid Bride 1-5 & bonuses (2009-06-30)
Master to Issho (2007-04-30) [CEN]
Monhan no Erohon 01 (2007-04-30,SC35) [CEN]
Monhan no Erohon 02 (2007-08-19,C72) [CEN]
Monhan no Erohon 03 (2007-12-31,C73) [CEN]
Monhan no Erohon 04+G (2008-07-05) [CEN]
Monhan no Erohon 05 (2008-08-17) [CEN]
Monhan no Erohon 06 (2009-03-10,C75) [CEN]
Monhan no Erohon 07 (2009-11-18)
Monhan no Erohon 08 (2009-12-31,C77)
Monhan no Erohon 09 (2010-08-15,C78)
Monhan no Erohon 09 (2010-08-15,C78) [CEN, better res]
Monhan no Erohon 10 (2010-12-31,C79)
Monhan no Erohon 11 (2011-08-14,C80)
Monhan no Erohon 12 (2012-04-30)
Monhan no Erohon 13 (2012-08-12,C82)
Monhan no Erohon 14 (2012-12-31,C83) [CEN]
Monhan no Erohon 15 (2016-08-14,C90) [CEN]
Monhan no Erohon 16 (2019-08-12,C96) [CEN]
Monhan no Erohon Beta (2017-12-31,C93) [CEN,JAP]
Monhan no Erohon G2 no Omake no Hon (2011-12-31,C81) [JAP]
Monhan no Erohon Gokusaishiki Juuhi (2015-05-02) [CEN]
Nekomimi Hadaka EpuRin (2005-10-09) [CEN,JAP]
Oide yo Moga no Mori (2009-08-16,C76) [CEN,JAP]
Oshiete! Saber Onee-san (2006-04-23,SC31) [CEN,JAP]
Oshigoto desu kara! (2005-12-30,C69) [CEN,JAP]
Root Zero (2007-02-11,SC34) [CEN,JAP]
Ross Royal Return [CEN,JAP]
Sawayaka 4koma Inchuu-kun Soushuuhen + alpha (2006-12-31,C71) [CEN,JAP]
Suzumiya Haruhi no Oppai Oppai!! (2006,C70) [CEN]
SWEETISH FELLOW (2006-10-01,SC33) [CEN]
Udonko 01 (2006-08-13,C70) [CEN,JAP]
Udonko 02 (2006-12-03,C71) [CEN,JAP]
Udonko 03 (2007-08-19,C72) [CEN,CHI]
Udonko 04 (2007-12-31,C73) [CEN,CHI]
Udonko 04 second version (2007-12-31,C73) [CEN,CHI]
Udonko 05 (2008-12-30,C75) [CEN,CHI]
Udonko 06 (2009-08-16,C76) [CEN]
Udonko 07 (2009-12-31,C77) [CEN,JAP]
Udonko 08 (2010-08-15,C78) [CEN]
Udonko 09 (2010-12-31,C79) [CEN,JAP]
Udonko 10 (2011-08-14,C80) [CEN,JAP]
Udonko 11 (2012-08-12,C82) [CEN,CHI
Udonko 12 (2012-12-31,C83) [CEN,JAP]
Udonko 13 (2015-08-16,C88) [CHI]
Udonko 14 (2015-12-31,C89)
Udonko 15 (2016-12-31,C91) [CEN,JAP]
Udonko 16 (2017-08-13,C92) [CEN,JAP]
Udonko 17 (2019-08-12,C96) [JP]
Udonko 18 (2019-12-31,C97) [CEN]
Unohana (2006-01-09) [CEN,JAP]
Usui Sabaku (2016-12-31,C91) [CEN]

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