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Yuna Reborn Download [Patch0.1.040 (16.09)] Overview:

Yuna is a Third-Person Action RPG Shooter with a focus on gameplay and dynamic action.​

Game Updated: 2023-09-22
Developer: Alex Horn Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Sexy Adult Games
Version: Patch0.1.040 (16.09)
OS: Windows
Language: English

Yuna Reborn Game Tags

3D, Action, All Sex, Female Protagonist, Footjob, Graphic Violence, Group sex, Humor, Masturbation, Lesbian, Rape, RPG, Sci-fi, Shooter

Yuna Reborn Changelog [Patch0.1.040 (16.09)] :

Patch0.1.040 (16.09)


• Gore system (Enemies can lose their limbs and even heads)
• H-interaction tutorial
• Disabled enemies have disabled abilities
• Revamped damage and defense system for enemies
• Each symbiont has weak body part
• The spit leaves a stain on the ground that explodes if you stand on it, the spit does not pass through the walls
• Changed the behavior of the Armored symbiont, added an attack with a medium range that inflicts area damage
• Integrated Body Sperm Fill Indicator (WIP)
• Added emotions during sex varies on skill level (WIP)
• Added two new skills, Free roll (quickly press the roll button twice) and free carrying of the AR when you switch to a pistol

• Group sex for 2 enemies at the same time (6 animations) (there is a button that connects to the right side group extermination)
• Bukkake if enemies masturbate for long enough
• Enemies do not disappear after sex they go to sleep
• Spawn of enemies in different regions on the map(Story Mode)
• New type of enemy (small symbiont without sex animations
• Loading screen
• New camera system for cinematic H-mode (saves desired angles)
• Temporary cum effects
• 2 repetitive quests (1 with Clape after completing all the initial side quests with her) 1 - with Vincent, available after taking the quest with the generator (Story Mode)
• 3 - side quest (1 with Sofi after the generator quest) (1 with Vincent, which is available after taking the generator quest) (1 in the area with the generator, you need to find a note in one of the rooms) (Story Mode)
• Saving the location of the character (Only in safe places)
• The size of the map increased by 3 times(Story Mode)


• Improved quest system (Story Mode)
• Improved dialog system (Story Mode)
• Focus camera
• Spawn optimization (Story Mode)
• Time of day optimization (Story Mode)
• The quest with the generator is expanded (Story Mode)
• Temporary foliage optimization (very strongly indented drawing)
• Vagina color naturalized


• Animation of the pistol sight, now the left hand and body move when aiming
• Loading of stats in Story Mode
• Display of items in the inventory (sometimes they were not shown)
• Loading traits(sometimes learned trait was not displayed)
• Fixed the game could freeze when killing an enemy
• Fixed HP and Endurance not loading together with stats
• Mantis attack speed could go to default after death
• Disappearing of outfit after death
• Improper loading measure that could cause the game to crash after playing for a long time
• RAM was not freed from unnecessary classes
• The camera could rotate during sex if it was rotated 180 degrees in Z-axis direction

• I temporarily took the quest with russian pigs, because it is very easy for them
• The Pilgrim quest will be extended by several hours
• The symbiotes jerk off on Judy during sex
• Judy can runs in 360 degrees direction (I'm thinking about leaving it or not)


• Updated the crafting system
• Added new resources
• Edited a couple of craft recipes
• Replaced widgets for resources
• The Engineering tree(still WIP)
• I added three new spawns for resources


• Added FSR option
• Took away a strong blur
• Turned up the quality of the shadows
• Added the control/key setting for you to assign it how you like
• TAB no longer provides info


• Added the eyebrow sculpting option in Appearance menu (Demo feature just to check whether I will do it on the whole face)
• Reworked eyelashes
• Added the ability to change the color of eyelashes
• Added the ability to change the color of perineum, labia,
• Added the ability to customize vagina

Bug Fixes:
• Disappearing of physics on character
• The weight of items in the inventory was not displayed correctly after they are moved to the crafting table
• Resources could sink underground after appearing
• The bug with the door to the shower, after the relaxation quest was closed
• Softlock on main menu for newcomers
• And others…


• Added 4 MMMF animations work in the same way as MMF(Patreon only)
• 6 MMF animations (simb-zomboid)
• 5 oral animations for Spitter,
• 5 Vaginal animations for Spitter,
• 3 ETC animations for Spitter
• A small effect of sweat during sex
• 1 MMMMF animation (Patreon)

• Improved textures and appearance, zombies, symbionts, white symbionts, armored symbionts, spitter
• Revamped all blood effects
• Revamped Splitter's spit effects
• Revamped Bomber blast effect, blast radius
• Vincent appearance updated

Reworked Pistol:
• Animation of running with a pistol
• Sight animations
• Firing animations
• Weapon animations

• Optimization
• Bug fixes

Developer Notes:

All patches required in order !!!

This is not a complete product.

Before whining about game size take notice that this "huge" version required to be downloaded only once. Future updates will be posted as small size patches. So you will be able to download only new chunk of content(or hotfix) and apply it to your game.

War never changes, but it changed my game.

Also I'll be working on improvement of every aspect of the game, as I'm doing it alone in between my work and sleep time (instead of the sleep in most cases). I can't do everything at once.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Yuna Reborn .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:yuna reborn download

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