Princess Conquest APK Download [v0.19.12 EA] Overview:

Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain “incident”! The sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon is the spring for a series of events that have brought chaos to the Kingdom!

The combat is action-packed, there are unique skills for every party member, there are sieges, boss-battles, traps and everything you need to add the right amount of challenge. You can also distribute points to your party members as you level them up, influencing the fighting and adult mechanics regarding them! The player can interact with princesses and NPCs, gaining Affinity Points with them, that will eventually permit you to access the fluff ‘n lewds. Every NPC race has its own set of animations, that will adapt to the NPC you’re “lewding”! Meet monstergirls (or humans), see places, you will always find someone that wants to have fun with you!

Game Updated: 2022-12-02
Developer: Towerfag Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult 18 Games APK
Version: 0.19.12 EA
OS: Windows
Language: English

Princess & Conquest Adult Game Tags

2DCG, 2D game, Animated, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Strategy, RPG, Pregnancy, Adventure, Furry, Monster, Monster girl, Oral sex, Titfuck, Handjob, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Big tits, Combat, Gay, Trap, Footjob

Princess & Conquest Changelog [v0.19.12 EA] :

v0.19.12 EA

Additions and Changes:
• Added Moth Princess' Route step III
• Moth Princess (Fairy Form) NSFW animation #1 added!
• Human NPCs NSFW Animation #2 added
• Human Princess NSFW animation #4 added!
• Gamepad update!
• You can now plug and unplug your gamepad freely while playing
• Keyboard/Gamepad controls option added in the System menu
• New Campsite reaction added: Slime X Moth ("Slime Princess reacting to Moth")
• New Campsite reaction added: Golem X Rabbit
• New Campsite reaction added: Skeleton X Bird
• New Campsite reaction added: Ghost X Bird
• New Campsite reaction added: Goblin X Insect
• New Campsite reaction added: Dog X Kobold
• Progeny refresh! Your old Progeny will be now getting random skills assigned!
• Added section in Dear's Progeny box showing your Progeny Skill!
• New Skill trainers added: Tantra Princess, Wilt, Cat Mewster, QP, Mira, The Unnamed, and Bordeaux
• New Skills added: Tantric Love, Misery, Yin and Yang, Tainted Love, Sharpshooter, Lich Acolyte, and Discharge
• Added "Hero -> Broken Hero! (All Stats maxed)" Cheat
• Completely reworked most armor stats and compatibilities. High-level armor is now generally stronger and the type of armor used can greatly affect one's stats. Costumes and Accessories aren't all that matters anymore.

• 4-armed Skeleton Progeny can now natively Dual Wield weapons
• Changes have been done to weapon many Progeny/Weapon compatibilities
• Completely reworked how the Luck and Wealth stats affect the random drops
• New armor added: Apprentice Hat
• New armor added: Fancy Pants
• New armor added: Cracked Shell
• New armor added: Queen Pet's Vest
• New armor added: Paper Shield
• New armor added: Fake Crown
• New armor added: Night Cloak
• New armor added: Tricky Glasses
• New armor added: Copper Piece
• New armor added: Titanium Armor (old "Titanium Armor" is now "Tungsten Armor")
• Reworked many special armors stats (Molten Core, Abyss Flaps, Scarab Cover, Spongy Shirt, Lunar Helm, Dragonforged Set, Sphinx Set, Miner Headband, Tactical Bat)
Coatl Armors now enable Lances
Heavy Bracelet now enables Heavy Armor
Bird Princess can now use Razor Plume
Cat Princess can now use Cat Slash (Tiger Progeny gets Cat Slash too)
Lamia Progeny can now use Poison Spit
Tweaked Moonlit Skill stat bonus (from +50/+15/+15/+15/+50 to +15/+15/+25/+25/+50
Added new weapon: FroGun
Added new weapon: Holsteur
Optimizations around Kobold Mines
The pre-Title message now asks to "Press Any Button" and reacts accordingly
Beta Only:
Oni Event III is now playable!
Oni can now declare war to other Princesses
Oni can now siege and get sieged
Oni NPCs can now be met around the Kingdom!
Sneaky activities with Oni Princess are now possible.
Forge Princess NSFW animation #1 added!
Forge Princess NSFW event added!
New armor added: Demon Gauntlet
Bird and Oni NPCs added to Tinhead Talker and other quests
Rabie added as Oni Princess' Champion
Lezgar and Rigbu added as Oni Princess' Champions
Lezgar and Rigbu can't be put to sleep while guarding the entrance to the Princess' Tent
Lezgar and Rigbu get replaced by a Triclop Wicca, for the guard duty, after being defeated in the Colosseum
New weapon added: Morningstar
"Star of Fury" costume added for Rabbit Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
New armor added: Oni Keychan
"Fallen Champion" costume added for Oni Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
Added Forge Sprites around Forge Princess' location
Forge Sprites are now ready for battle!
Triclop Wiccas are now ready for battle!
Added Oni Princess dialogues in Campsite and Tavern
Added Oni Princess Tea Party reactions
Added Champion lines for challenge/defeat/meeting in the Colosseum Infirmary
Added Champion lines for rematches/rematch defeats
New Campsite interactions added! Oni X Mermaid (Oni Princess reacting to Mermaid)
New Campsite interactions added! Oni X Bird
New Campsite interactions added! Oni X Golem
New Campsite interactions added! Oni X Slime
New Campsite interactions added! Oni X Oni Progeny
New Campsite interactions added! Cat X Oni
New Campsite interactions added! Wyvern X Oni
New Campsite interactions added! Desert X Oni
Added dialogues for Oni Reign "trainees" / visitors of other races (Golem, Insect, Skeleton, Desert, Goblin, Lamia)
Cinder Ribbon can now be used on Oni Princess
Fixed DIY Larva costume not working on Progeny
Fixed Crystal Progeny crashes
It is now impossible to save during some cyclical events (new day events, war declarations, world map initialization...), fixing many issues caused by doing so
Fixed every new Progeny being "Spooky"
Fixed Goblin Princess tower showing just for half
Added a fix for mismatched ambassadors on fallen Reigns or recaptured ones
Fixed Skills being shown when eggs are yet to hatch
Fixed game freezing when some "Skilled" eggs hatch
Fixed party swap being possible when an egg is hatching
Fixed saving being possible while Sexy Time is happening
Fixed choice window misplacement during recruitment
Fixed crashes happening randomly with units teleporting around during battles
Fixed Skeleton Route death by Freeze/Poison/Heat bugging
Fixed issues with gamepad controls in menu with quantity selectors
Fixed Slime Princess I and II, and Ghost Princess II animations not unlocking for good in Babs Gallery
Fixed Progeny Skill image being stuck on the screen after leaving the Progeny Box menu
Fixed Progeny Box menu crashing if an Egg is in the first slot
Fixed many issues in the Oni Colosseum and Kaius fight
Fixed Progeny Skills getting assigned to special characters that shouldn't get one (CrusaderP, MossP, MimicP, Dokuro...)
Fixed many bugs with Kaius fight in the Colosseum
Fixed Jozzlyn animation not unlocking in Babs' Gallery
Fixed Forge Princess animation not unlocking in Babs' Gallery
Fixed Gallery Unlock Cheat bugs
Some costumes are now compatible with Princess Mannequins (DIY Larva, Testudo Armor, Star of Fury, Olympian Armor, Huntress Tribesmen)
Fixed Prince animation in the Stone Knife brothel switching every Princess to her Prince form
Fixed Insect Prince animation not working
Fixed some unavailable starting Armor on Princesses
Fixed issues while choosing the kobolds' Dowry while using a gamepad
Fixed Mermaid Princess reacting to Moth rather than Cat Princess being there
Fixed overworld flight not stopping when talking to one of the Dragon Carriage NPCs
Fixed gifting equipable items to Princesses often removing 2 from the inventory
A fallen reign now correctly loses the effect of items equipped by their ruling Princess
Fixed some wrong power balance calculations for Rabbit/Harvest/Finhead/Mermaid/Bird/Oni wars
Fixed some unfinished gamepad control mapping while using the Death Not
Fixed wrong position of portraits during "Shade Swap" dialogues
Fixed gifting Chunga Root to Bird Princess actually assigning one to Mermaid Princess

Cheat Codes:

403762-> Randomize/De-randomize Princesses and Soldiers
652011-> Change Season
140106-> Change weather to your liking
499301-> Set Merchant Princess location
711481-> Make all Princesses pregnant
605623-> Toggle ON/OFF Max Fertility for every Princess
688661-> Unlock every animation + "GALLERY TELEPORT" item
158058-> Kingdom: TOTAL WAR!
937353-> Diplomacy reset
981780-> Peaceful Kingdom~
693396-> Reach max level with the "Knights INC."
336062-> +10 to all stats to the party's leader
284525-> -10 to all stats to the party's leader
947490-> Relationship with all the Princesses to 5
682091-> Relationship with all the Princesses to 0
445226-> Affinity with every Reign to 10
370555-> Affinity with every Reign to 0
911034-> Access CANDY cheat menu
206988-> Access Bank CANDY cheat menu
786784-> Get all the dowries!
400088-> Get all Resistances (Poison, Heat, Cold, Diving)
966070-> Get a series of delicacies from the Kingdom (10x)
106151-> Make all Princesses succubi
860729-> Make all Princesses THICC
566987-> Revert all Princesses to their starting weight
642416-> Set Kingdom Lewdness (0~99)
801385-> Toggle ON/OFF Prince looks for every Princess
589441-> Party Kingdom! (100% chance of Desert Festival/Tea Party/Spookfest/Chillbite Blessing/Bloomgaze Festival)
591266-> Resurrect any Princess that died during this playthrough and make them available in the Putridarium
673163-> Upgrade every Knight Trait to "++"
469242-> Change Knight Trait
717825-> Stop/Resume siege progression

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Princess Conquest APK Download .exe” to start playing.

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