Dungeon Repeater The Tale of Adventurer Vera [v1.34] Overview:

This fantasy RPG plays the battles automatically: prepare well, explore the dungeon, grow strong. Each win advances you to another challenge. Each loss, a chance to respawn and restrategize. The fast pace and the looping exploration makes for a simple yet deep system of iterative gameplay.​

Game Updated: 2022-08-17
Developer: Tengsten Ci-en 
Translator: yrannil & d0rky
Censored: Yes
Category: Adult APK Games
Version: 1.34
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited MTL)
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2DCG, Female protagonist, RPG, Censored, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Creampie, Rape, Gay *, Turn based combat, Big tits, Japanese game, Animated **, Prostitution, Tentacles, Humilation, Handjob, Anal sex, Lesbian, Monster

Dungeon Repeater The Tales of Adventurer Vera Changelog [v1.34] :


Only erotic events have been added. There are no changes to the majority of the game.

If you perform prostitution at the bar more than twice, a conversation event with Collins (the owner of the bar) will automatically occur.
After that, the "Introduce Uno to the Owner" and "Call Uno to Prostitute" menus will become available.
After these events occur, Uno at the base will change into a costume for prostitution.
After these events, Uno will change her costume to a prostitution costume and you can select "Have sex with Uno" when you talk to her. (A short small event).

Please note that the above three events are registered in the "Recollection" menu, but their locations are a little confusing.
Uno Prostitution 1" and "Uno Prostitution 2" are located at the bottom of the menu. (below the anal pendulum swinging)
Uno and Again and Again" will be added at number 19 from the top, below the other Uno-related erotic events.

Developer Notes:

* Story
Vera is a female adventurer on a pilgrimage with no end.
Her travels have brought her to the Isle of Gurenji, with its underground labyrinth.
Slaying monsters on her way to the nexus of mystery, what will she find?

* Erotica
As of ver 1.34, there are 63 ero events: 21 base event CGs, 298 incl. variations
Failing a battle with a boss monster will result in "failure ero" (interspecies sex).
There are also interactions with characters in "above ground ero" (human partners, etc.)
There are also sekuhara events depicted in pose art, etc.
You can customize Vera's hero class. There are 6 classes.


This game is only a bit challenging when you "limit" yourself on purpose (basically when trying to get achievements).
This game has 3 endings. The default one (A), the lewder one (B) and the "True" one (C) that is available only on new game+.
"Plot"-wise I would recommend playing them in order (ABC), but it's not a must. I played BCA and I think it was simpler to get achievements like that.
Don't play on easy if you want achievements. Also if you take your "stuff" from the previous play on a NewGame+ the game might tell you on the end that you didn't get achievements since you played on easy. That's a bug and the achievements are actually gained (you can check them in your room).
To have Ending A available there is no need for anything, just destroy the red orb when you get the end-game choice. To have ending B available you need to have done lots of H stuff, including prostitution, then at the same game-end choice choose to not destroy the orb. For ending C you need to be on a NewGame+, and each day start exploring from the dungeons start (no skipping levels with transport). When you beat the 5th Boss, you will get a bag he dropped. After you have it do the Blue colored quest on the Tavern. You will then be on route C. Important - Once you do the blue quest you are LOCKED on route C, route A&B ill not be available on the end-game choice.
After you are past the end-game choice, go do some "Arms Training" at the weapon shop, you might find something that wasn't there before and is only available at the short period between that choice and the actual end-game :).
It's a good idea to sometimes leave a dungeon, even if you can go on and beat another new boss. Especially as your lewdness grows and/or you come with fully ripped clothes. You might get some treats. (People who are very efficient might miss out).
Defend when enemy is charging (unless you are OP or have a better skill available), Charge when you don't have enough MP for the skills you want to use but have enough MP regen that you will surely have enough next round. Also Charge is very useful in general, think about how you want to utilize it :).
Magic Classes are just better, at least that's how it felt to me. Physical ones are simpler and could last longer due to low MP use at some situations, so you might want to have fun with that, but leaning to the MP & Magic skills seemed to get the best results when the game cranks up the difficulty. Also Magic doesn't miss, and "Lewd Pose" passive is very nice.
It's important to have your highest priority actions be healing / status removal, then you can go offensive. Also I tended to (when I had enough actions to set) make an actions that is relevant only for the first 3-5 rounds somewhere in the middle priority. That way I split how I handle mobs that die before that, and bosses that last longer.
Lastly, Classes -
Adventurer: Very Vanilla, but you get some nice skills later on you can unlock. You rely on potions if you play it exclusively (an achievement).
Mage: Not much to say. Empower you magic, MP and MP regen and blast away.
Knight: Didn't play it much, boost defense and shield bash away.
Warrior: Your defense is your HP, you are a meat tank that hits hard. boost the relevant stats and don't neglect HP regen, as it's based on MAX HP.
Swordsman: Fun class where you basically just use passive skills to make your regular attack better in many ways. My only problem with it is that you can't put your normal attack as your "Ace" attack (available on later stages of the game). Ace is very powerful so it's a big loss.
Ninja: A very powerful class, but a bit confusing. I played it more like a Mage that also deal status effects. You could also go for the "dodgy" approach but don't do it with enemies that use magic (a lot of late ones do) since magic won't miss.

There are 2 more secret classes that I won't elaborate on, but they are super strong so you can do A LOT with them, be creative. The 2nd secret class may be confusing at start so I'll just say, charge when you're not charged is usually a good move with it.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Dungeon Repeater The Tales of Adventurer Vera .exe” to start playing.

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