Futa Family Download [v0.2.10 Fix] Overview:

Every character in this game is 18+ and not blood related. All children might be adopted.In this game you play as a young adventurer trying to make as much money as possible,in his local guild to someday buy a house for him and his girlfriend!….But it’s you’re choice if this dream will really come true or if you will have to share her with somebody else,or even something entierly diffrent.Keep her for yourself, lose her accidentally or even agree to share her with…. your mom?? Do whatever!​

Game Updated: 2023-08-26
Developer: Ani has Problems Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult Games APK
Version: 0.2.10 Fix
OS: Windows
Language: English

Futa Family Game Tags

3dcg, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Futa/trans, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Netorare, Teasing, Vaginal sex

Futa Family Changelog [v0.2.10 Fix] :

v0.2.10 Fix

( I numbered the versions wrong untill now, the last one should have been V0.2.9 not V2.9)

There are two h-scenes in this update:

• 1. new event when you go into Julias room alone at night ( POV Futa on Male)
• 2. after watching that even Julia has a new healing scene with MC (futa on male) when getting knocked out or when talking to her in the tent.

If you play NTR then the chance if 50%/50% what scene will play when getting knocked out.

Also this update should fix a lot of stuff

• You can now chose what repeatable scene you want to see when bringing GF into Julias room. You only have to watch the real scene you got because of your choice once and every time after the first one you can chose. Go in with GF = threesome , stay out = watching with Farsight.
• The invisible wall labyrinth is now visible and not as anoying.
• Camilla is now standing still in her house so she won't block you from leaving when you visit GFs room.

Developer Notes:

Thanks for looking at my game and I hope you stick around my discord for a bit, this is the free demo version I put out every now and then, if you want to support me please take a look at my patreon and check up in my discord.

This game is a hobby project and will probably be in developement for a very long time.

I update every two weeks on patreon and try to add new h-scenes as consistently as I can.^^

This free version might be many updates behind depending on when you read this :p
So do know that many things might have changed and saved games might not be useable in the updated version.

I don't have a idea how big the scope will be once I'm finished , the goal right now is to build up the main storyline and then add the diffrent routs and endings.

I'm still learning and I hope I can get better with every update.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Futa Family Download .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:futa family download

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