Going Deeper Download [Alpha 15] Overview:

Going Deeper is a single player erotic roguelike/management game. You take on the role of an Inquisitor, a divination mage serving the goddess of knowledge, who has been tasked with investigating the sudden appearance of a dungeon of unknown origin. On reaching the site, you find that a team of Knights from an allied faction is already there. Teaming up with the three female knights, you take on the duty of mission control.
Can you guide them to the bottom of a dungeon, or will they fall to the corruption it throws at them?​

Game Updated: 2023-09-07
Developer: NRFB Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Sexy Adult Games
Version: Alpha 15
OS: Windows
Language: English

Going Deeper Game Tags

2dcg, Adventure, Ahegao, Big Tits, Corruption, Fantasy, Groping, Humor, Lesbian, Management, Masturbation, Mind Control, Monster, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Rape, Strategy, Teasing, Tentacles, Turn Based Combat, Voyeurism

Going Deeper Changelog [Alpha 15] :

Alpha 15

• 7 Coraline tasks
• 2 Camp scenes
• 1 new monster
• ~100 chat messages with the Witch/Coraline
• 3 new skills
• I forgot to write them down and I don't remember what was new last update but there's at least a couple new spells

• Added Research Notes to the Main Menu.
- Research Notes on the Main Menu allows you to rewatch events that you've seen without having to load up the current run.
- There is also an option to switch your main character between male and female.
- Accessing the Research Notes from the main menu requires New Game+ to be unlocked.
• Added option to chat in the Witch's Den (and Coraline's Dream Dungeon).
• Fixed game getting stuck when using a directional targeting skill and selecting the direction with the mouse.
• Ensured the first Coraline dream would only happen after seeing the floor 7 cutscene.
• Fixed Entropic Touch not checking total corruption correctly when determining eligibility.
• Fixed an imp CG appearing in the dialogue test script.
• Fixed many buttons/UI elements being interactable during sleep.
• Curses will now attempt to remove any associated Compulsions when they are denounced.
- Applies to: Recluse, Idle Hands, Pity, Saboteur, Suggestive, Mama Bear, Insatiable, Flirty, Anonymity, Oversharing, Sheltered.
• Fixed an issue with Drill Down (being more specific than this is difficult).
• Various typo corrections.

Developer Notes:

Hi. This is an entirely new game made entirely from scratch in Godot by me and only me (aside from some of the assets). My goal is to create a game that is fun to play, with mechanical depth, while also offering a good experience as a porn game.

The game is currently in Alpha. This means that updates in the immediate future will focus much more heavily on implementing gameplay systems/mechanics over large amounts of new written content/scenes. That's not to say that there won't be ANY new content in updates. There certainly will be! It's just that the amount will be somewhat limited compared to how updates will be in the eventual Beta version.

Note that this game will ask that you either:
A) Engage with the mechanics and actually play it like an interactive experience and not a passive one, OR
B) Accept that you are more likely to face consequences for not doing so, up to and including possibly losing the game (which has rogulite metaprogression anyway)

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Going Deeper Download .exe” to start playing.

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