Greener Pastures APK Download [v0.12] Overview:

In a world where cute monster girls are the norm, who wouldn’t want to get out and enjoy the scenery? Unfortunately, a tragic event has left the main character alone with his family farm and a pile of bills to pay off. But when the sinister organization Fornication Under Careful Control (F.U.C.C.) begins quarantining all monster girls for supposedly lewd behavior, his farm becomes the perfect hiding spot for these girls on the run. Can you keep the farm in working order while also sheltering these girls? Will you get into wacky hijinks with your new living companions? Will any of them end up pregnant?​

Game Updated: 2022-06-14
Developer: arcaos Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult Games APK
Version: 0.12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Greener Pastures Adult Game Tags

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Greener Pastures Girdle Changelog [v0.12] :


Things got a little serious back there, but it's back to fun for a bit. Ariana has expanded Terri's Bunker-Nursery to include an emergency BDSM Room. Every girl with scenes gets a pregnant and non-pregnant event when they're lewd enough. Here are the girls who get BDSM events in this patch, the remaining four will be in v0.13:

-Lily and Serena can now become pregnant.
-5 Serena Scenes
-4 Lily Scenes
-2 Sophia scenes, including her wakeup event with Serena
-In case you missed the bugfix patch v0.11.1, Headpats have been added to the game
-Lily has some results of her semen research to share
-One new daydream
-And definitely nothing else...

QOL Changes:
-In case you missed the bugfix patch v0.11.1, icons have been added to the status menu to show who's in the bathroom, who's pregnant, and how many times they've had their head patted
-Misc bug/grammar fixes

Developer Notes:

Regarding NTR

In short, there is no NTR in the game or planned to be. The only penis seen is the MC's. The only other male characters are various levels of bigots towards monster girls so by wooing the main cast you're basically undermining them.

There is the option to watch lesbian porn as a side action. Some would consider this NTR and you can be certain that you can skip it without it having an impact on the story.

Later in the game, some members of the harem will discover that they're bi (or reveal themselves to be) which case you will encounter lesbian acts. Sometimes that's the lead into a threesome, sometimes you spy on them in the act, and other times it's just implied in throwaway dialogue. All of it is meant to be part of the loving family harem vibe that the story goes for and isn't framed to evoke any jealousy. It's designed as corruption content as all the girls open up sexually with you and the other members of the harem.

Skippable Fetishes

These are the tags that are skippable in game:
Urination, Pregnancy, Girl on Guy Rimming (I don't think there's a tag for this)

Female domination is partially skippable. One character uses more slightly kinky dialogue than the others and gets a tiny bit more physical in standard story sex scenes. If that doesn't appeal to you, I suggest avoiding her repeatable scenes as by clicking them she's assuming more enthusiastic consent...

Open to feedback if other content needs to get quarantined....

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Greener Pastures APK Download .exe” to start playing.

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