Hole Dweller Game Download [v39Hotfix] Overview:

Hole dweller is a sandbox incremental furry porn game! You are the captain of a caravan, with spare rooms, not to worry there are plenty of cute and hot girls to fill them with. The game is intentionally unbalanced at the moment shop prices are super low and the love stone gain is up the roof. The game will be balanced once i think it is worth grinding through, use the cheat listed bellow in the meantime​

Game Updated: 2023-03-29
Developer: ThighHighGames Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult Games Download
Version: 39Hotfix
OS: Windows
Language: English

Hole Dweller Adult Game Tags

2DCG, Male protagonist, Adventure, BDSM, Blackmail, Corruption, Dating sim, Humiliation, Lesbian, Romance, Sexual harassment, Oral sex, Vaginal sex

Hole Dweller Changelog [v39Hotfix] :


***The intro of the game will play even if you have a savefile, it will tweak your character but nothing else***

-New content
Bikini: Lets you dress up characters with a bikini

Game intro: Now there is a small intro to the game, in which you'll be able to pick preferences

New apperances
Snake: Rat(#10,11,12)
Kobold: Racoon(#14,15,16)
Humanoid wolf: Tiger(#11,12)

-Gameplay changes
You can now parry projectiles, by left clicking right before getting hit (10f)
Parrying gives XP and recovers 5% of your HP

After killing any enemy the rest of the enemies will haste their next attack and increase their attack speed by 10% for the rest of the fight
(This change was made to try and make it so even if you are overleveled enemies can atleast get one attack in)

Tweaked how much enemies attacking delay the rest of the enemies attacking
(This change was made to avoid enemies "hoging the controller" (if one of the enemies on the group was fast enough it could make it so other enemies never got a turn to attack))

TNT block now deals 25% Of your max hp in damage
Health blocks now deals 10+5% of your max hp

Made it so whenever you release left or right when drilling a small time buffer gets added to drilling down
(This change was made to prevent accidental hits on dagerous blocks (if you wanted to switch to the oposite direction the previous timing was pretty tight))

Modified the timestop visual effect
Tweaked enemy hp scaling

Modified the shop item spacing to allow for 1 extra item to fit on each tab

Increased the max count of the counter decoration items 99999->9999999999

Made a whole bunch of items free for real, mostly gameplay irrelevant ones or items which main "cost" is them being unlocked like marks or interfaces

Now only the rightmost material on the cost list of shop items draws the price

Tweaked the size of shop buttons

Fixed lights drawing in bag of holding


-New content
After getting the dragon/snake in your wagon, weaker versions of them will be added to the enemy pool of some biomes
Added tied missionary pose

Fixed intro crash bug

Added a couple of tips to Nav
Added baby heads for rat and humanoid tiger
Removed (kobold apperance #12)
Corrected rat apperance not using cheap portrait

Release 38
-New content
Added new bear apperance for sheep (#8,9 and 10)
Added file select screen and multiple savefiles

Added a title screen
Options menu
Credits screen

Fixed bug that made platinum patreon list inherit the height of the gold patreon list making it so it would reset at an incorrect time

Corrected a bunch of item descriptions

Developer Notes:

The gameplay consists of harvesting resources and girls from the world map! placing drills in biomes getting access to upgrades to get to new biomes, new biomes containing new girls, getting a girl to love you will eventually grant upgrades to make your journey easier.

Length: Depends what you go for the game can be looped indefinetly, looping it once probably takes a couple of hours your first time through, getting all poses with a girl would take like 20 mins or so

Cheat Code:


1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Hole Dweller Game .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:hole dweller game download

hole dweller game download

hole dweller game download

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