Knightly Passions APK Download [v0.25] Overview:

What could be better than the good old adventures of a brave hunter in the harsh world of the middle ages? Of course, adventures in the world of magic! Terrible monsters, evil sorcerers, cruel lords, mean mercenaries – this is only a small part of what our main character will face, who went in search of his sister.

On his way he will find devious traps, deep dungeons full of treasures, mysterious palaces with adventurous princesses, huts of lustful witches, ancient ruins hidden by a cover of magic and much more. Will he manage to find faithful friends and comrades in this world? Will a simple hunter be able to find powerful weapons and artifacts, to rise to heights unknown even to glorious knights? And will he have the strength to resist the devil’s strongest weapon – temptation? All this and more you will find in game ‘Knightly Passions’.

Game Updated: 2023-03-30
Developer: FEYADA Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Android Adult
Version: 0.25
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian

Knightly Passions Adult Game Tags

Animated, Anal, Big Dick, Big Tits, Elves, Defloration, Group sex, Harem, Lesbian, Masturbation, Mild BDSM, Monster girl, Nuns, Squirting, Toys, Witches.

Knightly Passions APK Download Changelog [v0.25] :


New Quest: Quest 27, “Office Chores.” Help the blonde nun procure what she requires. This quest can be obtained from the notice board near the gallows.
• New Quest: Quest 28, “The Strange Doll.” By happenstance, an unusual doll falls into your hands, a mystery that you’ll have to solve then and there. This quest will become accessible after completing Quest 27, “Office Chores.” You’ll need to visit the monastery in the evening or night.
• New Quest: Quest 29, “The Marionette.” Each day, after you sleep, you feel worse and worse. You sleep a lot, but can never sleep enough to feel rested. What’s happening to you? This quest will begin after completing Quest 28, “The Strange Doll.” You’ll need to go to sleep.
• New 18+ scene with Mirina in her cell (animated with Live2D). After all of Mirina’s quests have been completed, visit the nun’s cell and you’ll enjoy an unforgettable time together.
• New 18+ scene with the blonde nun (animated with Live2D). Automatically unlocked in Quest 28, “The Strange Doll.”
• Several more 18+ scenes with the blonde nun. Automatically unlocked in Quest 29, “The Marionette.”
• Finalized and improved Quest 15, “The Family Heirloom.” The hunter can now help to summon the spirit of the elf’s mother in order to free himself of his guilt and tell the elf the whole truth. As a result, the elf will hold no ill will toward him and will remain alive. To summon her mother’s spirit, you need to arrive on time for your meeting with her in the forest. You’ll also need to make the right dialogue choice when speaking with the elf.
• Finalized and improved Quest 13, “Nature’s Wrath.” We’ve added a new stage to hunting down the dendroid: a survival minigame. If it turns out to be too difficult to you, after dying you can change the difficulty setting for said minigame.
• Added a new button in the stages leading up to every boss encounter to allow you to access your inventory.
• Fine-tuned the sprites of the nuns.
• Fixed many bugs and probably introduced some new ones.
• And much more.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Knightly Passions APK Download .exe” to start playing.

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Attention! This game version will not work with saves from previous versions. If you are playing the game on Android: before installing a new version of the game, ALWAYS uninstall the previous version of the game. If you don’t do this, errors will occur in the game.
EXTRA: Battle Tweak & Gallery Unlock