Life in Woodchester APK Download [v0.8.0] Overview:

It’s a top quality Adult Visual Novel, Dating Sim, Adventure game being developed by Dirty Sock Games!

Game Updated: 2022-04-05
Developer: Dirty Sock Games Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Android Porn Games
Version: 0.8.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Life in Woodchester Adult Game Tags

2DCG, Male protagonist, Big tits, Big ass, MILF, Sandbox, Animated, Adventure, Voyeurism, Mobile game

Life in Woodchester Changelog [v0.8.0] :


-translation corrected
-added Android ver
-little bugs fixed


• NEW Sandbox mode is finally here! Pose all characters with any clothing, eyes, mouth, eyebrows and exclusive naughty toys like cat tails and nipple coverings.
• NEW Gallery mode is finally here! Currently completely unlocked, access any and all previous scenes as well as 2 teasers for upcoming scenes!
• 3 Animated Janice Scenes previously static, now fully rigged and animated. Dialogue for those scenes has also changed slightly.
• 2 NEW Teaser CGs in Gallery mode (exclusive for now) 1 Janice, 1 Tara CG.
• Patreon Integration is now in place! This means more rewards for patrons and exclusive sandbox content in the future!
• AutoSave Stop worrying about not saving your game! Our autosave system will help you save your progress automatically in 2 new autosave slots.
• Notification System You'll see we added notifications to the bottom right for events like saving loading etc.

⌛Sandbox Mode:

• Any Pose, Face or Background All at your fingertips! Just plop in a new character and pose them how you want! Currently, all unlocked!

• All Nudes & Undies Ever in life in woodchester apk download wondered what a character looks like topless? Curious about their undies? Wonder no more!

• Exclusive Accessories Put exclusive sandbox accessories on any character! Includes things like cat tails, cat ears or you know, bedazzling nipple covers.
• Jiggle Physics Of course the boobas bounce! Wahoo!

Gallery Mode:
• Unlocked & Ready All scenes are currently unlocked for patrons and higher. In future you’ll need to unlock the scenes via storyline.

•  Every Skin Freely browse any and all alternate poses and skins for every CG in the game!

•  Every Animation Freely browse any and all animations for every CG in the game!

• Any Time of Day We’ve enabled our LUT system so you can watch every scene unfold whether it’s morning, evening or night!

Technical Upgrades:

• Debug Room to instantly play any scene in game (not yet publicly available)
• Separate texture pages for all backgrounds & characters which should result in improved general performance.
• Big performance increase to generating sandbox assets
• Debuggable Data Structures for memory leaks
• Main Menu now includes the 2 new modes & informs your current Patreon tier & benefits. life in woodchester apk download
• Upgraded GMS2 to 3.6
• Shaders may or may not have been forced off on new installs.. I’ve forced them to be on for now.

Bug Fixes:

• Several character offsets in clothing, scenes or whatnot fixed.
• Map location selection sometimes flickered when clicking new locations.
• Lilys profile pic was offset
• Main Menu now forces morning shader lighting
• Fixed Tara choice bra/panties/kiss scene
• Menu Transitions now more smooth
• Janice Restaurant visit now forced to a Saturday
• Map -> Phone Transition caused label issues.
• And many more.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Life in Woodchester APK Download .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:life in woodchester apk download

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