Of Devotion and Despondence Download [v0.2.10] Overview:

Of Devotion and Despondence is a visual novel with heavy RPG elements that follows the journey of a man exiled to a shifting world, a place where humans are not expected to survive for long.
It is written in first-person narrative, and tells an emotional story that focuses on mature prose,
romance, and erotic scenes.​​

Game Updated: 2023-12-02
Developer: Earliestbird Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Sexy Adult Games
Version: 0.2.10
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

Of Devotion and Despondence Game Tags

2DCG, Male Protagonist, Text Based, Adventure, Turn Based Combat, Fantasy, Management, Romance, RPG, Anal Sex, Creampie, Teasing, Groping, Handjob, Lactation, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Spanking, Vaginal Sex, Religion, Exhibitionism, Monster Girl

Of Devotion and Despondence Changelog [v0.2.10] :


- Added an erotic event (furry) that can trigger after day 60 if the player has at least 200 Magnetic.
- Added a new building, Heated Quarters: Pyre now burns 10 Wood for 4 Essence. +10 Defense for Residents.
- Added an option before the 'Bandit Leader' fight to flee in New Rozan.
- Added descriptions to the character creation screen.
- Replaced resource names (Wood, Sap, etc...) with icons during most parts of the game. (Couldn't do it with traveling merchant due to technical limitations.)
- Recolored some resource icons to look more distinctive from each other.
- The 'Game over' screen now has a background image.
- Constructed buildings no longer show their resource requirements.
- Tried fixing the sync between Skirmish visuals and audio. (I have no idea why magnetic and impish need different timers to sync up.)
- Added a link to my novel in the main menu, When Silver Burned.
- Other visual fixes.
Note: Another update compatible with games created in 0.2.8 or 0.2.9! I'll try my best keeping this up, unless a new major system is added/changed.
The new resource icons may cause some bugs - a lot needed to be replaced.

Developer Notes:

- About Breeding / Pregnancy: The game leans heavily into the breeding fetish, but it's important to mention that pregnancy works differently in this fantasy universe. (Pregnant women grow special essence that is released when giving birth, fusing with an already existing spirit somewhere in the world and giving them a body. Pregnancy duration is much shorter than 9 months).

- The main story is linear, allowing for a more focused storytelling. If you go into the game expecting a sandbox with routes like 'good' or 'corruption', you may be disappointed. There will be plenty of choices to make in the game, but they will impact stats and gameplay for the most part.
A lot of my time will be spent tapping away at my keyboard writing adventure-events, day-events, girl-events. However, I cannot promise to make them quickly as I'm a lone guy working on a very ambitious project with lots of moving parts.

- Please visit my Patreon to support development - the dream is to be able to work as a game developer full-time.

- Is there going to be incest? Not in the usual biological sense, no. Genetics getting passed down from parents isn't something that happens in this world. So the meaning of "mother" or "daughter" are not quite comparable to the real thing.

- And finally, I promise that I will NEVER put NTR or non-consensual content in the game.
Delete previous game versions and start a new game to avoid errors.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Of Devotion and Download .exe” to start playing.

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