Samurai Vandalism Download [v2.02] Overview:

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Game Completed: 2022-10-23
Developer: ONEONE1 Ci-en 
Censored: Yes
Category: Adult APK Games
Version: 2.02
OS: Windows
Voiced: Japanese
Language: English (DeepL), Japanese

Samurai Vandalism Adult Game Tags

2DCG, Female Protagonist, adventure, Japanese game, censored, vaginal sex, monster, combat, turn based combat, fantasy, big tits, big ass, oral sex, groping, creampie, masturbation, sex toys, monster girl, rape, teasing, stripping, prostitution, romance, corruption, exhibitionism, voiced, animated, lesbian, pregnancy, internal view, multiple protagonist, virgin, group sex, multiple penetration, multiple endings

Samurai Vandalism Download Changelog [v2.02] :


Fixed a bug that the following scenes were not added
[Mukuro added episodes
'I offended an aristocrat in a brothel. ......'
The following scenes were not added: "Popular in Foreign Countries? Reverse Bunny Pole Dance
Momo added episodes
Kimessek Orgy" "Kimessek Orgy"
[Nako Huang additional episodes
"Sex in Baby Dolls with a Perverted Aristocrat"

How to Set the game to English:

You shouldn't change the entire system language, but you need to change the REGION and REGION FORMAT on the the same page of region settings to JAPANESE (Check attached image). The error seems to be related to the date format, not the locale. After that my windows interface still remains with my mother language, but clock format changed to japanese style. After this changes game starts to work properly!

Developer Notes:

--Battle: Turn based front view (with 4x speed up fast-forwarding possible)
--Self-destruct command available (After clearing the game)
--Can change / undress the character's clothing (after certain in-game events completed)
--Possible to turn Voices ON / OFF (on a per character basis even!)
--Skip / log features implemented
--Possible to clear the game as a VIRGIN.
--SeX-ray cross section cuts can be turned ON / OFF
--Erotic traps in dungeons and otherwise ...? YES, OF COURSE!

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Samurai Vandalism Download .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:samurai vandalism download

Samurai Vandalism Download [v2.02] Links:

Note: The official English language option / gameplay has a lot of bugs. You have been warned. As an alternative, we have patched the game with Reipatcher. So please use Japanese language instead.


I translated the menu, quests, sidequests, items, missing weapons, and many other things that weren’t translated. This is done with google translate, but please do note that the free Google Translate API that applications such as Reipatcher uses, is much much worse than the samurai vandalism download V3 they have on the manual Google translate and the API you pay for.Make of that what you will.I translated this for my self and thought that someone might be interested.

Install Instructions:

• Unzip the lc_tables file and put it in <game library>\AssetBundles\english\
• Example path to file: D:\games\サムライヴァンダリズムver1.00\AssetBundles\english\lc_tables

I would advise anyone to take a backup of the original file. I have no problems, but I will not guarantee anything.