Succulence Download [v2.5 AE] Overview:

You play as a strict female teacher, who finds a portal to a different world, and discovers a shocking fact about her origin. Will she keep living her life peacefully, or will she drown in her carnal desires? That will be for a player to decide.​

Game Updated: 2020-10-29
Developer: [R]Nest Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Android Adult
Version: 2.5 AE
OS: Windows
Language: English
Sequel: Succulence 2

Succulence Adult Game Tags

3DCG, 2D game, School setting, Female protagonist, Corruption, Sci-fi, Adventure, Big ass, Big tits, Blackmail, Combat, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Oral sex, Rape, Rpg, Teasing, Vaginal sex

Succulence Changelog [v2.5 AE] :

v2.5 AE

The name might be confusing, so to clarify, it contains:
Succulence Final Version[1.4.3] + Anniversary Edition Special[Ver.2.5]
The special is available at the TV in Serena's house.

Special Changelog:
- More freedom of movement
- Two branching paths
- Save points
- New Classroom event
- New outdoors event
- Expanded dialogue in some events
- Various interactions when talking to(some) NPC's
- New Pool event
- New ending
- Extra CG's added to events from previous version of the Special

Changes between 2.4 and 2.5 are fixes to old bugs in the recollection room and when sanity reaches 0.

A lot of the additions are mechanical and miscellaneous, with the purpose of making the special more than just one cutscene, so it's not that much overall.
Still, I hope you'll enjoy the new events, since they are the final events added to this game. I don't have any plans to do these specials annually, so this was a one-time thing :)

After the public release of the special edition the work on the sequel will resume immediately, with polls and previews of the progress that's been done.
If everything goes well, new version of Succulence 2 will be done in the second half of November.

Difference in RTP and Non:

RTP is the game with the runtime package included to run it. No RTP is the game without it and requires the VX Ace RTP to be installed to run the game.
If you have it installed, then you can use the No RTP link for a smaller download.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Succulence APK .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:succulence download

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