The Klub 17 + Hook5 [V11 & VX + KE Update 1 + Hook5 Extended] Overview:

The Klub 17 is a mod for a popular adult sim called Sex Villa. Here in Klub Exile we develop and provide mods for Klub 17 VX including clothing, rooms, poses, base game, and other interesting tid bits. TK17 is an easy-to-use “sex simulator” that allows you to construct your own custom models, apply custom outfits, design animations (“Poses”), and test them in dozens of locations (“Rooms”) to create your own adult movies (ie: “Sequences”). Officially,TK17 is movie-maker software, but most users enjoy simply playing around with the individual components. There’s even a “QuickMode” just for fun that loads your model in a randomly selected room waiting to play with you.

The mod is based off of an old 3d sex simulator, which allow to you select up to four characters, select some scene for action and create some static or animated pose. The game has great character customization functionality and very simple pose creation interface, but it has very poor default graphics, because it was development under directx8. Hook 5 is a graphical enhancement mod, which allows users to change shading style of various objects in game, insert some new object into game scene, apply some 3d graphic effect to whole image including support for physx ragdoll hair.

TheKlub17 is the same 3DSV game, but hardly modded by internet community, it has wider customization functionality, a lot of additional mods like new cloth, rooms, toys and so on, but still the same graphic. Thanks to the efforts of a robust

Game Updated: 2023-12-01
Developer: Hook 5 Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Adult Games APK
Version: 11 & VX + KE Update 1 + Hook5 Extended
OS: Windows
Language: English

The Klub 17 + Hook5 Game Tags

3DCG, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Multiple Penetration, Bukkake, Lesbian, Character Creation

The Klub 17 + Hook5 Changelog [V11 & VX + KE Update 1 + Hook5 Extended] :

Core Installation:

In short you just run the .exe and select the path you want it to go to. It is recommended that you install it in c:\ (the default position) and not in the program files folder as that may cause some complications. Below are some quick steps:
1. Launch "tk17v10.x.00_setup.exe". You will be presented with 3 options:

•  Express: This is the standard full install to a specific location on your computer (it says "Recommended", but most prefer "Portable").

• Advanced: Allows you to pick & choose what features to install, adjust settings, and select a default language.

• Portable: (recommended) Also a full install with the flexibility to move your installation to another drive, even another computer, without reinstalling.

2. "Express" and "Advanced" installs will automatically add an icon to the desktop called "The Klub 17 - v10.x.x". If however you created a "Portable" install, open the folder you installed VX to and find "Play The Klub 17.exe" (you must ALWAYS run "Play the Klub.exe" FIRST following a "Portable" install so that it creates the required missing folders. From then on, you can use "TK17_Launcher.exe" (in the binaries folder) to start the program.

If you did an "Express" or "Portable" installation but wish the use TK17 in a language other than English, launch the "Options Manager" app and select the default language on the "Options" tab. You can also set the default language by creating a shortcut to "Binaries\TK17_Launcher.exe" and add a language "switch" to the end of the path (edit the shortcut's Properties.) The language options are: --en, --es, --de, --ru, --it, --jp (for English, Espanol, Deutch, Russian, Italian & Japanese). While "Portuguese" & "French" are both valid language options in the Options Manager", there are no switches for either.

Updates Installation:

The latest version of the game supported by the Klub Exile Community is Update P. While Update Q came out the community reported numerous bugs with that update. Klub Exile has since release KE Update 1 for Update Padding new features to VX.

Hook5 Installation:

1. Unzip hook5_basic_version Hook5_Basic_3.07.2019.7z, open the readme inside and follow the instructions.

2. Go into the Binaries folder and copy TK17_Launcher.exe, create a short-cut for quick access.

3. Run TK17_Launcher.exe and make sure to change the settings so the game starts in DirectX mode and not OpenGL..

4. Make sure you read up on Hook5 Guide.odt to check how Hook5 works.


• I will not be sharing any mods as they just bloat the load times and everyone has their own preferences.

• You can get most mods from Klub Exile and other sources across the web.

Screenshots:the klub 17 hook5

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