Wicked Island Download [v0.8.4.3] Overview:

Adult open world survival with sex defeat system. Combat horny monsters, Craft and upgrade your gear, unlock pet monsters and upgrade them for more sex animations.​

Game Updated: 2023-12-28
Developer: RawDarkness Patreon 
Censored: No
Category: Free Adult Games
OS: Windows
Language: English

Wicked Island Adult Game Tags

3d game, female protagonist, vaginal sex, bestiality, big ass, big tits, creampie, rape, combat, ugly bastard

Wicked Island Changelog [v0.8.4.3] :


Sound when placing/destroying building piece
A new drake quest given by Isabell
Aeron the mage, a new NPC found wandering the island
A bunch of props around fisherman house
Added a prompt before sleeping to prevent accidental sleep
Tooltips for multiple graphic setting options to explain what they do
Added back tent, interact to sleep safely wherever it is placed
Penis collisions for all monsters, this should make the penetration simulations run for all enemies
alluring staff, a staff that allows initiating sex with any actor simply by shooting at it with the staff, given as a reward for Isabells drake quest
names and descriptions to quests
Input mapping for console widget

Completely reworked Isabells dialogue lines
Changed the reward for Isabells werewolf quest
Updated fonts and tweaked the dialogue UI (it was reset to defaults on a recent update)
Changed position of tutorial hints to top middle of screen
removed prompt window after saving
Random enemy spawns during night will now be much fewer in numbers than ambushes when sleeping
Nightly ambushes will now happen less often
Changed NavMesh generation to be dynamic, potentially fixing things such as enemies spawning under buildings. This needs to be tested further as i disabled this due to performance issues earlier.
Tweaked multiple options in graphics settings to work better and be set based on current setting
Updated description of pregnancy duration multipler in settings to avoid confusion
Replaced and added several loading screen images
Bed can now set spawn point again
Levelling up now grants 1 skill point rather than 2
Changed icon for grilled fish
Quick saving (f5) will now save to a save slot called quick save instead of existing save. It will also display a text inform game has been saved
Console commands and widget now works properly
Replaced the water of the ocean, removed the options to switch between low and high quality ocean.
rested buffs are now percentage based
updated multiple status effects with different values and fixed some bugged ones that did nothing
changed some fonts and colors in dialogue/journal UI
changed default unstuck button as it used the same default key as codex
Added a check if partner is female, to prevent wildling females to impregnate player
Spawned enemies (through ambush or using cheats) will have a minimum distance from player when spawning
Changed location of text notifications
tweaked campfire to not go above ground as much
changed torch fire particle effect
doubled burn time from 60 to 120s per piece of wood in torches
removed some input mappings for stuff no longer in use

Fisherman quest should work again
Finally fixed player name (for the last time?)
Wereboar summon item not getting consumed on use
Chairs falling through floor
Ceilings not sheltering player properly
DLSS settings not being applied properly, should give a lot more performance on Nvidia cards when enabled
Continued pregnancy after birth issue
Weather sounds should respect sounds settings properly
Fixed incorrect name of some items
Flat ass during sex syndrome the player sometimes suffered from
Several dialogues that didn't work after a plugin update
an issue where hp regen from sitting stayed after standing up
Some foliage disappearing when close to player
Unable to spawn wildlings from cheat menu
Unable to initiate dialogue with wildlings
Wildlings unable to have sex scenes triggered
black screen not covering entire screen
NPC's can no longer walk away when talking to player
Quests should now load properly on level changes (in other words Isabells quests should now be possible to finish, all 3 of them)
Character randomly rotating in creation menu after rotating

Developer Notes:

!!!Please note this is the first beta build available.
It is for testing purposes and is far from finished.
Expect lots of bugs and a very small portion of what will make up the game once released.!!!

* Detailed sex scenes with free camera mode
* Gather resources to survive and craft better gear
* Combat your way through dungeons
* Unlock and upgrade monsters to fuck at will
List of features
Detailed sex animations with different monsters
Sex defeat system
Cum inflation
Get ambushed while sleeping
Unlock monster system for revisiting your favourite animations at will
Character customization
Action based combat
Resource gathering and crafting
Player home
Open world with dungeons, caves, ruins etc
Day/night cycle
Dynamic Weather

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Wicked Island APK .exe” to start playing.

Screenshots:wicked island download

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